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Improve sales with Shelf layout and planograms
The arrangement of products on a shelf is a major factor which leads to making customers more interactive and will improve store sales. It is because, when a customer enters a store the points of interaction are shelves. When shelf space successfully influences the customers then the purchase behavior can also be controlled. There are different formats available to display products.
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Examples of Planogram Templates

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Examples of Planogram Templates
Planogram can be designed using a planogram software for different variety of shelf layouts. These layouts include gondolas, coolers, vending machines, pegboards, slat walls, etc. Looking for a planogram software that can make your planogramming fast and easier? Nexgen POG is not only the easiest solution, it can do much of the planogramming for you!
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Examples of shelf display planograms
The best way to understand planograms is to look at some examples of planograms. Nexgen POG provides a few templates and you can either edit those create new planograms using Nexgen POG. Let’s look at a few planogram templates.
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