Retail Industry- A Case Study

Planogram Compliance Management?- A Case Study

Customer Profile

The case discussed in this section is about an American consumer cereal manufacturer which has a net revenue of $6.2 billion. There were no automated systems for sharing planograms and compliance management. Nexgen POG provided a standardized and efficient online solution to fill this gap.

The Business Challenge

The company’s category management team created a wide range of planograms and merchandising standards. The company was using hard copies or PDFs of these planograms to distribute to the sales staff and various channel teams. The sales and execution staff verified the implementation of these planograms in retail outlets and stores.

There was no cost-effective system for ensuring the planograms are implemented to the specifications outlined in them. Manual edits were made by the sales team on the print outs and pictures of shelves were taken and send back to the category management team.

The process was prone to errors and slow. There was no measure to make sure shelf space is arranged as instructed in planogram. The company needed to automate the platform for sharing planograms and move away from the legacy approach of using hard copies and emails to share planograms.

Solution Through Nexgen Partnership

Nexgen POG was a suitable remedy for the issues faced by the company. Nexgen POG provided the most cost-effective and simple platform for automating the sharing of the planograms and ensuring planogram compliance. Nexgen POG provided the option to import the XML and PSA formatted planograms and share using a secure web sharing platform. Easy to understand planogram are shared with executional staff. Also, planogram sharing style followed as legacy is replaced with the digital method.

The compliance management feature within Nexgen POG provided an effective way to ensure shelf level compliance. Using the compliance module, sales and execution teams could raise compliance tickets to track shelf level nonconformance to the corresponding planogram. As part of the ticket, the user can attach the specific shelf and products that are out-of-compliance.

The ticket also allows you to attach photographs of the current state of store shelves. The next step in this workflow is to make sure that the merchandising team rectified the non-compliant situation, and the ticket is updated with proper resolution notes, and it is closed. Administrators can review and monitor all compliance tickets and participate in the resolution process as necessary.

Results & Impacts

As a result of implementing this solution, the company was able to share planograms digitally and track planogram compliance. The simple and easy Nexgen POG helped to reduce confusion and manual errors. The compliance management feature available in Nexgen POG helped the company to streamline online planogram sharing and planogram compliance. The inefficient and time-consuming process was replaced with the cost-effective, easy and fast Nexgen POG.

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