Nexgen CAM

Nexgen CAM - Personal Trade Compliance Software

Nexgen CAM

Nexgen personal trade compliance software (CAM) is a peerless product geared towards automating employee personal trade compliance requirements. It provides legal and compliance departments with a comprehensive view of employee and company activity as defined by the firm's code of ethics policy. It minimizes the total amount of monitoring required for compliance by providing all the tools required to mitigate risks and protect the firm.

With Nexgen personal trade compliance software, compliance officers can easily manage vast, disparate data and processes to comply with the changing trading regulations. A sophisticated configurable alert system has been implemented to notify selected users or groups of any discrepancies within the selected categories.

Nexgen personal trade compliance provides complete information segregation by providing data access only to the appropriate business units. The system checks for current and historical records to verify if the employee’s personal account dealings are consistent with the company policies.