Research Management System

Hedge Funds – A Case Study

Research Management System

Customer Profile:

Our client in this study is a well-established hedge fund in the United States who manages funds in excess of 10 billion dollars. They harvest and analyze data for a deeper understanding of innovations, products and trends within specific market segments. This enables them to identify new opportunities and optimally position their investment strategy. Their business growth and return on investment is inherently linked to their research data.

The Business Challenge:

The hedge fund company employs a range of research methods for scientifically grounded market intelligence. They conduct surveys, interviews and also consult with many professionals around the world to understand and track the current trends in financial industry which help them predict the market and make sound trading decisions. However, all these vital information were stored, shared and accessed via numerous inefficient legacy systems. To make the most informed investment decisions and capture growth opportunities in a timely manner, what they needed was one system that gathers all relevant data with easy access - this was the very challenge they faced. In short, they wanted their knowledge base to be more reliable and easy to access than ever. And this is what Nexgen was called upon to solve!

Solution Through Nexgen Partnership:

Realizing that a user friendly and well organized Research Management System (RMS) could resolve the issue, Nexgen designed an automated Research Management System that can tag and store data under different categories. This offers huge advantages in terms of having all interrelated data in a single place, no longer having to reconcile the data between disparate systems.

Research Management System also offers an effective search solution for their significant stack of documents, by crawling and indexing them for the relevant meta data and tags. By keeping track of the email interactions, Research Management System is able to capture and share all related conversations when searched for keywords. Users can add data to the knowledge base flawlessly and fine-tune its processes and content further. Apart from this, the Research Management System has simplified many tasks and it enables fund managers to easily collaborate on various research data available in the Research Management System. Automated reports are generated based on market events and triggers. The financial advisors could also track the scheduled tasks and speed up operational workflows, all while checking the insightful analysis. The whole system was very user friendly and required minimal administration.


The benefits generated by Research Management System have been immediate and visible. The automated and integrated nature of Research Management System provided the users with seamless access and transparency with minimal administration. This greatly improved the time it took the analysts for making informed decisions. Conversations, documents, reports and analytics are made accessible via streamlined search functions.