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Nexgen - Digital Solutions Provider

About Nexgen

Nexgen is a digital solution provider, headquartered in White Plains, New York with over two decades of experience serving businesses around the world. From research management to process automation, product innovation and business intelligence, we help our clients solve their biggest business problems effectively.

With a heavy focus and prolonged exposure in the financial and retail sector, we have been providing numerous innovative software solutions to many leading brands and companies. Our ability to serve clients has steadily evolved over the past two decades, enabling us to serve multiple industries, numerous geographies and flexible delivery models.

We take pride in our strong client relationships and our passion for delivering outstanding creative solutions on time. Our clientele includes several fortune 100 companies, many of which have been with us from the beginning.


Our mission is to help our customers achieve their business goals through a sustainable, long-term technology partnership. We are driven to solve complex business problems of our customers by providing them with streamlined, insightful solutions. 


For every complex business problem, there exists a simple solution. The way one understands the problem determines the effectiveness and simplicity of the solution. Our team of technologists understand this truth and we approach every business challenge with the goal of devising the most effective and simplified solution. 

Why choose us?

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive. What make us unique, apart from our quality services and high end technologies is the way we organize the process and how dedicated we are to meet our client requirements.