Improving organizational efficiency with cloud-based planograms?- A Case Study

Customer Profile

Our client in this study is an international energy drink manufacturing company having net revenue of $6.6 Billion, with their products sold worldwide in over 171 countries. The retail giant also distributes and markets a number of other drinks, apart from energy drinks.

Nexgen POG has been a part of such leading international brands for over a decade. Retailers and manufacturers from around the world are using Nexgen POG to create store specific planograms for maximized sales and revenue.

The Business Challenge

The beverage manufacturing company has its operations spread across different countries like Japan, France Middle East and many more. Over the past one year, the company has been using our license for all regions. Although the company was not facing any major business challenge, their main requirement was to use planograms for region wise segregation of data. They wanted to see how implementing Nexgen POG could help them creating region specific planograms. For example, the employees working in Japan, will only be able to see data of that specific region.

When a company is operating in a global market, it can be quite challenging to design and modify marketing strategies that suit all regions alike. Cultural barriers can be a major concern for international brands. Global customers exhibit diversities in terms of needs, expectations, purchasing power, and consumption pattern and so on. Thus, a clear understanding of the local market is very crucial for success of marketing strategies and long term survival of the brand. Such an understanding helps in better market segmentation, product design, pricing, and distribution?etc.

Solution Through Nexgen Partnership

Nexgen POG was a practical solution for the issue faced by the company. With the help of POG, the company could successfully design and use planograms for region wise classification of data. After completing multiple rounds of discussion with our team, the company purchased Nexgen POG license globally, distributing it across various countries. The company activated a certain number of accounts in the beginning, and later kept on adding new accounts in between. Nexgen POG’s cloud-based solution allowed the company to easy create region specific planograms where each region would have a number of users and one admin.

The accounts under one tenancy could view the product library of that region. This ensured them a dedicated product library where they could easily generate region wise sales report. Since the solution is cloud-based, it required no installation or on premise set up. Activation of accounts and on boarding across different region could be done easily.

Nexgen POG is a powerful cloud-based solution that works well on multiple devises and browsers. This planogram software is extremely user friendly which makes it easy for anyone in the organization to create store specific planograms with minimum efforts. Nexgen POG’s cloud-based solution enabled constant communication across different regions for better coordination and careful planning.

Results & Impacts

Implementation of POG helped the company in generating better sales report due to region wise specification of data. It also enabled the company’s marketing team to fully understand local market for creating region wise messaging, pricing, product assortment and placement strategies.

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