Cloud-based planogram

Retail Industry- A Case Study

Cloud-based planogram?- A Case Study

One of the world’s largest companies that manages independently owned and operated retail foods is using our planogram solution. One major concern of the company was to give access to a cloud-based planogramming solution to the sales, marketing, and execution team. So, they could edit standard planograms based on the market requirements and send recommendations to the category management team.??

We were able to provide the most suitable cloud-based solution for their problem. Nexgen POG is a cloud-based planogram solution, that allows easy, online access to planograms for the field sales and execution staff. This solution ensures that the front-end employees will provide timely feedback to the category management team for updating planograms.

This cloud-based, no-installation solution helped the client to provide access to planogram for ground staff who keep changing from time to time. The no-installation planogram is convenient because when the staff changes no need to install in the new handheld device. The access can be given by simply providing the username and password to access the online version.?

Customer Profile

This case study is about a Dutch multinational group that manages independently owned and operated food retail stores. It consists of more than 12,750 stores in 48 countries. This large food retailer is a client of Nexgen POG for fulfilling specific requirements

The Business Challenge

The category management team in this Dutch multinational company creates planograms using JDA space planner. The category management team usually gets multiple feedbacks from the executional and marketing teams to create planograms according to the market changes. The category management team creates a standard planogram and sends it to the sales, marketing, and execution team. These team members usually edit the planograms using photoshop, paint or other native applications available to them and include possible suggestions. The modified planograms are sent back to the category management team for approval. The category management team then analyses these suggestions and may or may not approve them.

The workflow the company used to edit these planograms using the native applications and sending it back to the category management team for approval was inefficient. It involved many disconnected steps, was time-consuming, error-prone, and unstructured. As a result, updating planograms were not quick enough to cope with market changes.

For the executional team to suggest feedbacks, another option available was extending access to existing planogram software like JDA space planner used by the category management team. However, the planogram software was not cloud-based, and was not feasible to provide access to a large number of team members.

Solution Through Nexgen Partnership

Nexgen POG is a cloud-based planogram software, that is very easy to use and learn. It is cost-effective and offers an unlimited licensing model to support large teams. With these features, POG was a perfect fit to solve the business problems of the company. The solution is cloud-based, which allows it to be used without installation. This cloud-based solution allows the user to access the planogram software from any device just by knowing the username and password. Nexgen POG made it easy to import planograms in PSA format developed by the category management team to Nexgen POG and share it with other teams.

Category management team used cloud-based Nexgen POG to provide the planogramming platform to required team members. The users could access the platform from any device and from anywhere. A standard planogram was developed by category management team using a sophisticated planogram solution, was imported to, and shared online with import file option of Nexgen POG. The unlimited licensing feature of Nexgen POG helped the company to share planograms with multiple users and give edit permission to select users.

The executional team members were given edit permissions and could edit the standard planogram to give possible suggestions and could send it back to the category management team. The category management team may either approve or disapprove these suggestions. Using this new solution, inefficiencies in the process were eliminated and the company achieved significant cost savings.Nexgen POG is a cloud-based solution which requires no installation process. Anyone with a secure login can access the planogram from any device. Even though the team members are often changing roles, the transfer of accounts from one member to another was made easy by using Nexgen POG.

Results & Impacts

As a result of implementing Nexgen POG, the company was able to design planogram fast and easily. Nexgen POG is cloud-based, this helped to avoid installation of the software to devices and avoid unrequired hazel in the environment of high executional staff turnover. The implementation of planogram helped to streamline the communications and avoid manual errors.

Who All Benefited


Executional Team

Nexgen POG was easy to operate and understand. Compared to using photoshop for making suggestions POG was able to provide a fast and error-free solution.

The software helped the executional team to gain access to the planogram software just by handing over the ownership of the account.

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Category Management Team

The category management team received planogram design suggestions from other teams through a single channel in a fast, efficient and error-free manner.

This helped the category management team to edit the planograms in an easy and fast way. Overall Nexgen was able to provide a fast, cost-effective, simple and error-free solution for the corporate problem for the company.

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