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Retail Industry- A Case Study

How an Airport Hospitality Group Used Nexgen POG’s Custom Fixtures to Increase their Revenue by 23%? - A Case Study

Customer Profile

Our customer in this study is an airport hospitality group who is known for its best-in-class approach to dining and retail in airports. With more than 300 in-terminal dining and retail locations in 10 airports, our client serves millions of guests each year in dynamic settings across North America.

Nexgen POG has been a part of such leading international brands for over a decade. Retailers and manufacturers from around the world are using Nexgen POG to create store specific planograms for maximized sales and revenue.

The Business Challenge

The airport hospitality group is one of the leading airport food and beverage operators in North America, with more than 350 restaurants and retail locations across 10 airports. Over the past few months, the company has been using our custom-developed fixtures across all retail locations. Although the company was not facing any major business challenge, their main requirement was to use custom- developed fixtures for one of their stores. They wanted to understand how implementing Nexgen POG could help them entice customers and improve sales.

When a hospitality group is operating in a global space, it can be quite challenging to design custom development fixtures to suit their stores. Old and outdated fixtures can be a major barrier for stores. Also, stores with too many fixtures can distract customers and result in decreased browsing times.

Solution Through Nexgen Pog

Nexgen POG was found to be a solution for the requirement made by the company in developing custom fixtures for one of their stores. With the help of Nexgen POG, the company could successfully design custom fixtures that contributed in providing a fine-dining experience for customers. It helped make the store space more flexible, stimulate purchases and helped control overall costs. POG’s custom fixtures helped in planning and placement of beverages on store shelves effectively. Implementing a data-driven planogram like POG allows retailers to increase foot traffic due to its visual appeal features, store-specific fixtures, category and space management, compliance, and various report analysis. Thus, retail fixtures deliver a significant perspective for launching and promoting different types of products by cleverly displaying them in stores.

This helped to guide customers through the store to high-margin products. The custom-made fixtures elevated copious brands to build awareness among shoppers and get their attention. Well-designed fixtures entice customers to pay up to 40% more for products and this resulted in higher sales and profit. Also, highly visually appealing products provide unique customer experience and motivate them to return to the store every time.

Nexgen POG is visual merchandising software, that helps retailers in creating custom development fixtures to visually attract customers. POG’s custom store fixtures help differentiate stores from others with its visual eye-catching feature.

Results & Impacts

Implementation of custom development fixtures at one of their airport stores has increased their revenue by up to 23%. In comparison, other stores are down 4% on average. The visual appeal helped our client to visually attract more customers and transform the store into an exciting destination that inspires and entices customers.

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