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Nexgen Marketing posted on September 08, 2021

Nowadays, duty-free shops are not just crowded places with uninteresting architecture, filled with stores and restaurants. It is well-designed with custom fixtures that entice billions of travelers to make purchases before or after when they travel.  

There are almost two billion travelers per year who take the airplane to go on holidays, business, or for a lovely weekend. Most of the time, passengers take advantage of the long waiting hours in the airport to stroll in duty-free shops for shopping. This has created a new source of profit for the airport retailing. That is why retailers decide to display products well organized with the right store fixtures. The kind of store fixtures has a significant impact on the revenue of duty-free shops, no matter if they sell apparel, jewelry, gifts, or foods. Due to these reasons, custom fixtures have been built to decor and creatively arranging the store to entice customers. 

What are Custom Fixtures in a Duty-Free Shop? 

Custom fixtures encompass displaying of wide range of products in a store. It helps to create a perfect aura inside the shop with right floor layout, color scheme, spacing of products and store displays to aesthetically plea customers. This allows customers to stay longer and explore the store. Thus, custom fixtures help to display products in the most organized and attractive way, which entice customer to purchase items with the help of a planogram software. Planogram is a visual merchandising tool, that helps retailers in strategically designing floor layouts including store display fixtures to draw customers and compel them to make a purchase. 

Custom fixtures deliver a significant perspective for presenting and promoting different types of products by cleverly displaying them in stores. Following are the various custom fixtures available for duty-free shops to foster retail excellence: 

  • Body Forms: It is commonly used to show off apparel, jewelry, and wearable accessories in a creative and proficient way to entice customers. Planogram gives customers a clear visualization of how it will look on the customers in different proportions and sizes. Body forms include mannequins, dress forms, bases and neck blocks, that helps customers improve their store performance and boost up the sales. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, you can use mannequins to display your outfit ideas. 
  • Wall displays: It is a form of store display that helps in displaying electronics, beverages, apparel, shoes, gifts and more. This can be displayed on free-standing shelves or attached to the walls of a duty-free store. For instance, with the help of a planogram software, wine bottles can be visually displayed in a modern yet functional way to entice customers. Other types of wall displays are pegboards, dump bins, floor stands, multi-sided fixtures and more. 

Overview of Nexgen POG 

Nexgen POG is a powerful cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and easy retail store planogramming. With Nexgen POG, custom fixtures can be created for maximizing airport retail sales with its visual eye-catching feature. It is a multi-device compatible software that helps retailers to create, share and edit planograms easily. It is designed for proper retail shelf planning and placement of products.

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