Nexgen Marketing posted on 01/22/2019 07:46 PM

The major purpose of a planogram is to maximize sales by ensuring that the most profitable products are given the right number of shelf facings and allocations. There are a lot of sophisticated planogramming solutions like JDA, Apollo etc in the market, which are too costly and complicated. These solutions are typically designed for power users like category managers and visual merchandisers and each user would have to get an individual license which would cost a lot.

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As an FMCG product, the sales of soft drinks depend upon the effective tactics that are utilized to exploit customer psychology. FMCG products are low-cost consumer goods that is used for day to day usage. A customer chooses a soft drink based on the cost, brand image, availability, visibility, health factors.

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Product distribution on shelves in a retail store are done to support instore visual merchandising efforts which helps to improve store sales. A planogram implementation is only complete after it is read and understood , and then arranged on the shelf according to that planogram.

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Without data, there’s no use of a planogram! Planogram analytics gives you insights on various aspects of shelf space planning.