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Shelf Space Planner

Many retailers, suppliers and manufacturers struggle in one way or the other with store-level execution of products to achieve adequate in-store visibility. Most of which can be resolved by strategic category management or shelf space planning. Planogramming isn't a new concept but Nexgen has renewed the concept of planogramming by redefining the way you build your sales using planograms.

Planogram software for visual merchandising

Nexgen POG is a powerful planogram software for visual merchandising. It is a cloud-based planogram builder that requires no installation process and other associated setups or configuration complications. You can access your planograms from anywhere at any time.

Nexgen POG is designed for fast and easy planogramming with minimal effort. Customizable templates, manual and automated modes, shelf compliance are few of the features incorporated in Nexgen POG that make planogramming easy, fast and effective. Unlimited licensing models with multiple user access makes it one of the most cost-effective visual merchandising planograms. It has a vast array of features that equip you to analyze the sales patterns, manage your product library and implement your visual merchandising the most effective way.

You can now check out Nexgen POG for free and buy it only if you like it.

Why Nexgen POG for Shelf Space Planning?

Nexgen POG is an easy, powerful and affordable web based planogram builder. This planogram software is easy to learn and use. It provides optimum, store-specific planograms that will increase product visibility and thereby boost your sales.


Huge cost benefit

Very affordable pricing and practical licensing models to ensure full value for your money

Cloud based planogram

Seamless access to planogram software using a browser and internet

Unlimited licenses

With our unlimited licensing model we encourage everyone in your organisation to use planograms

Bulk upload of image library

Any number and format of product images can be easily uploaded to the product library

Multi-device & browser compatibility

Use it from desktop, laptop tablet or mobile devices to easily create planograms online

Customizable Templates

Customizable pre-defined templates to create planograms easily with minimal errors

Automated planograms

Define a rule and automate planogram creation

Compatible with other planogram files

You can now import other planogram files to Nexgen POG

Custom Analytic Reports

Generate various reports to gain insights into your sales patterns & customer behavior

Easy Compliance

Just click & post easy store-planogram compliance management system

Product Groups

Group products easily based on different product attributes & automate rules

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  • Visual Analytics
  • Compliance Management
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Frequently Asked Questions


Any new user who wants to register for Nexgen POG free trials has to visit our Nexgen POG page and enter your name, e-mail id, phone number and your company name on the respective columns and click on the ‘start your free trial’ button. A One –Time-Password will be sent to the user’s registered email id. You need to validate your e-mail id by entering the OTP on the validation screen and click on verify. You will be registered for Nexgen POG free trial and will receive an e-mail with your user id and password. You can log in using the user id and password to the Nexgen POG platform. The platform is self-explanatory. In case of any hiccps, the e-mail also has a quick-reference guide attached.

The confirmation e-mail doesn’t make it to the inbox always. It can end up in the spam folder at times. If you still can’t find the e-mail, please feel free to send a mail to


On the home screen of the Nexgen POG free trail platform, click on the subscribe now button on the top tool bar. A pop-up window opens up displaying the licensing plans. You can choose the required licensing plan and click on the corresponding subscribe button to subscribe to a professional licensed version of Nexgen POG.

We will share you the product file template, which is an excel sheet. You have to fill up the mandatory fields which are marked in red. For uploading product images, you will have to send us the corresponding product images in a folder. The file names of the product images should match its corresponding UPC’s. We will import these to the platform for you, which will be available in your account.

You can also add products one by one. Select product library from the drop-down menu under settings from the top tool bar on the home screen. The product library screen has options to add product details and images one by one.

Yes, it is possible to convert UOM to centimeters. It is a configuration change that will be made available on the licensed version.

On the home screen, click on the settings tab on the top toolbar. Select product library from the drop-down menu. On the product library screen, click on the ‘Upload Images’ button on the top left corner of the screen. The pop-up window allows you to select the product image files and add to the platform.

For bulk-uploading product images, you will have to send the images to our team. The file names of the product images should match its corresponding UPC’s. Our team will import these to the platform for you and make it available in your account.


Click on the “forgot your password” option on the login screen. You will be prompted to enter your registered e-mail id. Enter your e-mail id. You will receive your temporary password in your email. You can login using the temporary password and change your temporary password after logging in.

You can retrieve your password only using your registered e-mail id. Nexgen POG does not use ask for secondary e-mail ids or mobile numbers.