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Why Choose Us

Nexgen Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is a data-driven solution to improve the partner’s customer base by maintaining and managing customer relationships effectively. It is one of the few CRM’s which offers a simple yet customizable CRM platform for maintaining a long-lasting relationship with customers. Nexgen CRM is specially tailored for the financial institutions. We focus on streamlining financial workflows and generally provide closer integration with accounts.

With Nexgen CRM, partners can centralize all their client activities, documentation, research materials, and e-mail communications. Other functions include recording various customer interactions, automating various tasks, calendars, and alerts and giving managers the privilege to track performance and productivity. It also restricts access to ensure compliance with internal and external policies.

Nexgen CRM Features

Intuitive User Interface

Hassle free and user-friendly interface which is simple to enter and find information.

Communication Management

Interact with your clients using emails, calls and logs the transaction history.


To ensure lead conversion, lead generation must go hand in hand with lead management.


Generate new leads by managing contacts and keeping them well informed of the new offerings.

Calendars with alerts and notifications

The calendars work in tandem with the contact database and allows you to schedule meeting with clients.

Customer Database Segmentation

Manage your customer database by segmenting them into various groups.

Document Management

Manage your important documents on a central repository with access control.

Opportunity Management

Get the complete view of your team’s lead with opportunity management.


Sales Pipelines

Shows you exactly where the money is in your sales process.

Interaction Tracking

Track every client interaction, which log the communication between you and your customers.

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