Business Process Automation

Retail Industry – A Case Study

Business Process Automation

Customer Profile:

Our client in this study is one of the world's leading food and beverage(retail) companies with over $60 billion in net revenue and a global portfolio that includes 22 brands, sold in more than 200 countries around the world. The retail giant has implemented several growth strategies in the last decade to improve its turnover. It has been re-inventing its marketing mix so that it remains top among the leading retail brands.

The Business Challenge:

One of the marketing strategies that have been retaining its brand image is their smart and thoughtful promotional ideas. According to the seasonality of purchase of products, climate conditions, festival season and other regional events, the company’s regional marketing team conducts local promotions, which appear on their product packaging. These retail local promotions had to go through a lengthy and complex approval process, reviewed by multiple departments to finally reach the producing plant in the local region.

Each department has a specific role to play within a successful promotional campaign and has to review and approve the assigned task. The progress of the process was tracked through email systems and spread sheets which caused the cumbersome problem - the time delay in implementing the promotion and the inefficiency in tracking the processes. So their need of the hour was to renew their core to get those workflow processes efficiently automated for a massive scale. Here’s what Nexgen came up with!

Solution Through Nexgen Partnership:

Nexgen designed a web based automated workflow solution that is simple, flexible and adaptable with a user-friendly interface. It gives the power to easily and accurately plan promotions, track the progress and to evaluate its effectiveness. By managing all types of promotions across all channels in a centralized system, the company can coordinate promotions across all departments that are involved in the promotion process. The business process automation system optimises and streamlines the whole operation of product promotion; it can plan, track and approve projects at a glance, annotate work, identify blockages and get projects delivered on time. Custom email alerts are sent to selected users or groups to inform them of the actions required or the status of project, which significantly reduced the time and resources, involved.


The benefits through the Business Process Automation System are incredibly clear. Setting up one or more workflows gave the users an easy access to the progress of individual or all workflows. Promotions were executed on time, automating many critical business processes.