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Investor Portal - Hedge Funds

Investor Portal

Nexgen Investor Portal is a fully customizable, web-based reporting system that gives investors an easy access to information and reports about their investments. This feature-rich, user friendly investor portal solution completely redefines how the partner and clients access, analyze and view financial information.

While providing a safe and secure access to information for the investors, the partner is given full control over the flow of information. The user permission system of the investor portal/hedge fund software ensures that each visitor has accessed information corresponding to the user privilege level.

Fund managers can post fund performance, research data or account-level analytics. Investors can securely access fund & account statements, transaction history, partner letters, K-1s and check how well their funds are performing. The investor portal is designed to deliver transparency to the investor base and enhance productivity. The system allows funds of funds,hedge funds, family offices and other investors to provide transparency into their portfolios and helps in streamlining marketing processes by qualifying prospects online.