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Cyber security consists of the necessary preventative measures that should be taken to protect oneself from hackers. Let’s have a look at some of them!

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Nexgen Marketing posted on 08/29/2018 12:21 PM

Pharmacies sell a wide range of products along with medicines! Pharmacy merchandising means creating an environment for customers which makes them want to buy the pharmacy's products. In this article we will discuss how to make a planogram strategy work for a pharmacy.

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As technology further diversified and more security threats emerge every year, more companies have begun to outsource their IT requirements. Managed service is slightly different from an outsourced service. Let's discuss

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Planogram is one of the most important category management tools used by retailers.Before implementing a planogram software to ensure compliance it is good to check and confirm the following characteristics.

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Through managed IT services, businesses are able to reap the benefits of receiving IT consulting and support at a reasonable cost in comparison to creating a competent IT team in-house. See how!

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Planogramming helps to increase sales. But it’s not just about increasing sales - there are also other reasons why small retailers are turning to planograms.

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How to increase sales of soft drinks?

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As an FMCG product, the sales of soft drinks depend upon the effective tactics that are utilized to exploit customer psychology. FMCG products are low-cost consumer goods that is used for day to day usage. A customer chooses a soft drink based on the cost, brand image, availability, visibility, health factors.

How to Drive Retail Sales with Efficient Store Clustering?

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Store clustering offers retailers a targeted approach towards sales. This helps to understand what opportunities are to match the product range to generate sales. Planogram helps retailers effectively plan their product range according to the store type.

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Product distribution on shelves in a retail store are done to support instore visual merchandising efforts which helps to improve store sales. A planogram implementation is only complete after it is read and understood , and then arranged on the shelf according to that planogram.