Nexgen Marketing posted on 02/19/2021 04:42 PM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining immense popularity in the retail sector because of its proven ability to generate a substantial return on investment. Apart from that, retailers also use the power of AI to analyze consumer needs and spending capacity, control inventory, improve returns and take better decisions. In a nutshell, AI is the perfect match for retail.

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Nexgen Marketing posted on 02/10/2021 06:33 PM

Traditionally, retail stores dealing with simple product categories or similar assortments were given the same planograms. However, these planograms failed to show variation in actual sales from store to store and the facings of each item are largely influenced by the average unit rate of sale. Generic planograms are created based on the assumption that the demands of each store are the same. This one size fits all approach can cause problems at store levels, resulting in improper execution of m

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Nexgen Marketing posted on 02/05/2021 11:57 AM

Planograms are an integral part of any retail store. In simple words, these are visual merchandising tools that contain detailed drawings of the store layout, that guide retailers in deciding what, where and how products should be placed on shelves. A well-designed planogram can improve sales, minimize overall costs and provide pleasant shopping experiences to customers.

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