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Five Innovative Planogram Retail Store Ideas of 2021 
Planogram aids retailer to create specific store designs to organize retail stores systematically. Therefore, to drive customer traffic into the store, a planogram help retailer to distinct his store layout, product placement, space allocation, cross-merchandising and retail discount strategies from its competitors.
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How Apparel Merchandising Surefire Branding to Lure Customers?
Apparel Merchandising improves branding with the help of visual displays. Planogram ensure shelf planning strategy to the apparel merchandising to lure customers. This help to surefire brand images with the store layout, shelf displays, color blocking, and shelf signage planogram features. 
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How Planogram Templates can Help Leverage Retail Profit?
The Planogram template is the detailed sketch of a retail shelf, which helps the retailer to plan their in-store shelves aesthetically. It attracts more customer traffic to the retail store and leverage more profit.
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Why Product Visibility Matters so Much in Retail?
In retail industry, in-store visibility is crucial to drive sales and maintain brand loyalty. In an era where customers are armed with information, it is important for retailers to use the right strategies to ensure that products have higher level of visibility. Planograms are vital tools that help them optimize in-store visibility.
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Fix Common Store Problems with Clever Space Planning
As retail space gets expensive day by day, merchandisers rely on space planning software like planograms to ensure optimum utilization of available space as well as to alleviate common store problems. With the right planning, retailers can not only achieve higher sales and profit, it also results in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
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How Cloud-Based Planograms Eliminate Monotonous Tasks so that Category Managers Can Work on Strategic Business Planning?
Traditional space planning solutions that rely on spreadsheets and PDFs force space planners to do menial, repetitive planogramming tasks to keep up with the demand while what they actually need is more time to concentrate on higher-level space planning strategy. New age cloud-based planograms provide an ideal solution to such issues. They let space planners plan, coordinate, communicate and automate all their space planning tasks in one place. Thus ultimately helping them to get the right produ...
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Upgrade Your Planogramming Experience with New-Age Planograms
As brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to cope with the shifting demand for online shopping, store space continues to get more expensive and yet grows in importance. Hence, it is imperative that retailers maximize the limited store space available and transfer their focus on optimizing all forms of space and fixture types irrespective of individual store configuration. Earlier retailers were deprived of functionalities that deliver a high level of optimization, often resulting in labor-int...
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Are you ready for an all new Nexgen POG?

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Are you ready for an all new Nexgen POG?
There is never a time where Nexgen POG team is not working on improving our software. Be it through enhanced features, new updates or fixing bugs, we strive to ensure a seamless planogramming experience for our users. Today, we are excited to announce enhancements to Nexgen POG, helping users improve the efficiency of their space planning efforts t while bridging a gap between customer needs and business goals. This includes a host of new features, to help users to improve their business perform...
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How shopping would be expected to look like after COVID-19?
As the COVID-19 crisis goes on spreading and affecting the daily lives and businesses of humanity, it is very clear that post this crisis the retail store businesses and the shopping behavior will also be affected. During this tough time, the retailer should come up with a plan so resilient that their sales do not have to suffer after this pandemic or in any other such crisis that hits the world in the future.
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Top displays in visual merchandising
In this digital era where the attention span of human beings is dwindling, the role of attractive displays to increase your store walk-ins is undeniable. There are different types of displays that visual merchandisers use to communicate with shoppers. 
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