Why use Excel for Planogramming?

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We humans always seek an easy solution for problems. Are easy solutions the most effective ones available? Planogram development is a field which undergoes continues changes and rapid development. Initially, there were times planograms were made using excel files. Still, some companies use Excel to develop and share planograms. Is it worth using excel for this purpose? 

Planogramming using excel files are generally easy. It mostly involves adjusting the cell dimensions to approximately match with the product dimensions. No special training is required, and it is cost effective for planogram development using excel. But dimension specifications cannot be mentioned in excel and analysis is not possible. Planogram developed in excel can cause a lot of misunderstanding and errors.  

Excel is not a tool specific for planogram development. So, it's understandable that it may lack various features compared to a planogram software specific for planogram development. If planogram software is used, the integrity of planogram can be ensured and can be accessed by selected users. Simple visual representation with actual dimension information makes the planogram more reliable. Analysis of planogram and planogram compliance can be available in planogram software.  

Do you wish to switch to a planogram software? It's easy!  

The data should be available in a standard format. The basic information required includes: 

  • Dimension of planogram 

  • Dimension of products 

  • Brand, name and unique product code of the product. 

If all these basic required information are available in standardized format, then importing planograms from excel to a planogram software is very simple. If importing is this easy and planogram development is simpler and affordable as the excel, why not use a professional tool for planogramming? 

Nexgen POG is a user-friendly and easy planogram solution. It is cost effective and allows controlled access and planogram sharing. Nexgen POG also provides multiple analysis options and planogram compliances option. Import of planogram from excel is possible by custom development of planogram from excel. Nexgen POG will make your planogram development, sharing, editing and compliance easy. 

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