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Nexgen Marketing posted on August 18, 2021

The checkout area is termed as a critical part of every retail store  it is the space where every retailer rings up customers. So, when was the last time your retail checkout counter encouraged customers, impulse buying that they cannot refuse? 

In a recent survey, 77% of customers have made an impulse buy at the checkout counter areas. With those statistics in mind, the checkout counter is the perfect place to encourage impulse buying. It is because, when a customer is at the checkout counter, they are ready to make an additional purchase. That is why checkout counters are great for last-minute reminders, where retailers can place products with the help of a planogram software, that customers may have forgotten, seasonal or discount products and other items. Planogram is a visual merchandising tool, that helps in proper planning of products to be placed on shelves. This gives shoppers a lasting impression and immerses them in visiting the retail stores next time. Important retail store planogram features are as follows:  

  • Planogram helps in creating store-specific designs to organize retail shelf space systematically. 
  • It helps to incorporate branding and ensures proper space management between the retail shelves. 
  • Helps to ensure efficient use of the floor, checkout counters and shelf space to maximize in-store sales. 

Five Checkout Counter Ideas to Improve Retail Store Sales 

Unfortunately, today’s brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to get customers’ attention. Therefore, a retailer should adopt some strategies to make his store every bit as appealing as shopping from the comfort of one’s couch. Let us have a look at some of the checkout counter ideas, a retailer can try to maximize their in-store sales. 

  • Prioritize customer’s health and safety: With Covid-19 keeping people on guard, it will be a good idea to convey customers that retailers still care about their health and safety. For that, a retailer should make customers feel safe in their store, especially the checkout area where the interaction happens most. It can be done by installing plexiglass around the checkout area or by displaying or selling hand sanitizers to encourage customers to use them. This helps to minimize unnecessary touching and make customers revisit the store. 
  • Appeal to shopper’s sense: Another way to appeal shoppers to make purchases at checkout counters is to entice them to scents and tastes. Depending on the store type, a retailer can add options like grab-and-go snacks such as chocolate and candy alongside beverages to increase chance of impulse purchases. Also, a retailer can add items that provide scent including bars of soap perfumes or other fragrant items on gondola shelves. 
  • Run discounts and clearance sales: A retailer can place discount labels on checkout counter area shelves with the help of a planogram shelf signage like ‘50% off’, flat ‘30% off’ to make customers give a try for such items. Also, having a clearance sale of slow-moving and unpopular products can help retailers clear out inventory and save space for new stock to sell better. 
  • Spring out the season and cross-merchandise products: Placing of the season and cross-merchandise products is another great way of encouraging customers to make an impulse purchase near checkout. Retailers can place cookies for Christmas or chocolate for Valentine's Day along with gift cards or other product bundles. This will result in products moving out of the store compelling customers to buy them. 
  • Tap into impulses: Another strategy to engage customers involves displaying some particular items on the counter area for increased impulse buying chances. It can be any gift cards, kid’s toys, gossip magazines, snacks and soft drinks. These additions help generate last-minute impulse purchases of the counter areas. 

Overview of Nexgen POG

Nexgen POG is a powerful cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and easy retail store planogramming. With Nexgen POG, planograms can be created for maximizing in-store sales with the right store layout plan, report analysis, compliance management and shelf signage features. It is a multi-device compatible software that helps retailers to create, share and edit planograms easily. It is designed for proper retail shelf planning and placement of products.  

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