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Planogram compliance always come in handy when you are a retailer and need to keep shelves arranged in a proper manner. Planogram compliance is simply making sure the product’s arrangement in merchandising display is exactly same as in the planogram. Planograms are designed to ensure sales growth by implementing neuromarketing strategies. Any errors in implementing the planogram would result in disruption of the plan and could result in brand switching and low sales volume. This makes ensuring planogram compliance more important.

The traditional methods of planogram compliance method involve sales personals inspecting the shelf occasionally. However, it is inefficient and error-prone. The process involves store staff implementing the planogram. The planogram can be left without checking compliance sometimes. Here, executional staff will compare products arranged in shelves with respective planograms using conventional compliance checking methods. And after analysis, reporting process will include creating a report including noncompliance points. The process may be time-consuming and may cause a lot of effort and can cause errors.

With the help of emerging technologies, high performing mobile devices and cloud data sharing etc can be used to ensure planogram compliance. For a compliance check system aid of technology can be like a boon. The innovations that could help in checking the planogram compliance with ease include:

  • Digital devices

The electronic devices like mobile phone, tablet, laptops, etc will make the planogram compliance easy as the tiresome and data entry and reporting can be replaced by spot data entry. These devices are portable hence can be carried to the store.

  • Internet

Internet facility help in connecting and transferring the files between any two or more internet users. Also, the web-based cloud technology could help to store data on the internet and share as required. This feature will help in sharing the compliance data in any connected device with the category management team. This could make the reporting process fast.

  • Web-based Applications

Computer Applications can be defined as a program that could help the user to satisfy certain needs. A web-based application is an application that is installed on the shared space of the server. This application no need to be installed on the device and can be accessed online. This helps to execute the planogram compliance checks easily as the conventional method could be replaced with more easy and effective method.

Planogram compliance check process could be updated with these technologies. The available technologies would help field professionals and category management team to check compliance in a fast, easy and error-free manner.  

Nexgen POG is an easy, powerful and affordable web-based planogram builder with unlimited licensing. This planogram software has a planogram compliance feature associated with it. The options provided are ticket raising, photo uploading provision, ability to select the shelf which has noncompliance. 

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