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Creation and usage of planograms are necessary to support visual merchandising efforts and thereby improve sales. Planograms are frequently used in the food and beverage industry. Using planograms will benefit pharmaceutical, cosmetics, wine & spirits, and retail industries also. Let us discuss how these industries will be benefited by using planograms.

Do pharmacies use planograms?

The pharmaceutical industry tends to concentrate more on back-end sales of medicinal products which can be purchased with a prescription. But, by doing so the possibility to improve the front-end sales is drastically decreasing. Some OTC categories such as first-aid, eye care, and smoking cessation products, etc. have shown stronger growth. If we ignore this possibility we are ignoring the possibility to improve sales. By using a planogram the OTC category drugs can be placed on the shelf to attract customer attention and improve impulse sales. These types of drugs are used by customers in everyday life. If presented in a proper manner, planograms tend to urge customers to purchase OTC drugs.

Cosmetics is another field which can utilize planogram to improve sales. Racks, display tables, pegboards, etc are perfect for displaying cosmetics. Effectively using planograms will help to display varieties available and to promote impulse buying. Compliance management is another aspect useful in the cosmetic industry.

Some may wonder how planograms will influence the wine and spirits industry. The proper presentation of varieties available can be done by planograms. Customizing the displays at outlets of large companies with respect to the local trends could be made possible by editing the planogram with the planogram software. By doing so the category management team also get an idea about the market and planogram used in a particular region. Displays arranged according to planograms could be planned and designed to improve the sales. This will help in improving sales volume by considering the neuro-marketing facts and market trends.

The retail industry is a place where the products are displayed to attract the attention of customers. Planogram will help to achieve the visual appeal of the shelves and improve the rate of impulse buying. Out-of-stock issues and shelf replenishment can be monitored and scheduled by using the planogram compliance feature.

Considering the influence of planograms in all the above industries, usage of planogram software is desirable to improve the result of visual merchandising. Nexgen POG is a user-friendly and easy planogram solution. It is easy to use, simple, cost-effective and allows controlled access and planogram sharing. Nexgen POG provides the facility to easily share planogram in PDF, JPEG, excel formats. Nexgen POG will make your planogram development, sharing, editing, and compliance easy. 


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