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Nexgen Marketing posted on July 07, 2021

When it comes to visual merchandising, retail displays are, and will always be an important thing to drive customers into the store. Retail display is labeled as the first point of contact between the product and customer. According to researchers, 83.0% of human buying behavior is based on eyesight, which emphasizes the importance of right in-store displays. For this reason, most retailers prefer in-store displays for lasting customer impression to immerse them in visiting the retail stores.

In today’s brick-and-mortar sales, retail display is used for promoting products. A planogram is used to design and execute retail displays and focus on maintaining their appearance in order to drive customer traffic into the store. It is a visual merchandising tool that helps ensure proper product execution on a retail shelf to maximize in-store sales. Important planogram tips to maintain proper in-store displays are as follows:

• While designing in-store displays, a retailer should choose engaging colors, decor and type of stock into their retail shelf. It will help in-store displays to look creative and leave an impression on customer’s mind.

• Introduce cross-merchandising into the retail store to increase the basket size and maximize sales. Retail shelves can be cleverly planned by placing merchandising items that go together on one single display.

• Retailer can use shelf signage and displays to educate the customer about products, price and offers and discounts they are providing. If a product is new to the market, a retailer can use displays as a solution to describe each product type and what it does.

Five Most Effective Ideas of In-Stores Displays in Retail Industry

A retailer can choose the following in-store display ideas into their stores to make an impact on retail sales.

1. Entryway displays: Entryway displays are the best way to enhance chances of impulse purchases when a retail store is centralized in a busy street. These are the displays placed right in front of the retail entrance, which is the best way to showcase new products, seasonal and festive necessities. Placing such displays will help customers to purchase items without even searching and it saves the shopper’s time.

2. Dump Bins: Dump bins are commonly stocked with individually packed products like candy, books and canned goods. It is an open-display container used for seasonal, promotional and clearance sale of products in the retail store. This will provoke customers to impulse buying of retail products and improves sales.

3. Free-standing displays: Free-standing displays or standalone displays are often placed in busy store areas to promote brands. It has an important role in merchandising because these displays can easily interact and attract customers with a 360-degree angle. It elevates the visibility and accessibility of products, which makes the customer easily purchase them from the standalone displays.

4. Gondola displays: Gondola displays are adjustable shelves that allow a retailer to display different types of products all at once. Products that are placed on gondola can be easily moved, updated and restocked quickly with their 1 to a 4-sided free-standing structure. It is also an effective option for brands to promote their product and to maximize in-store sales.

5. Window displays: Window displays are important in-store displays that help to draw new customers and also retain current customers into the store. It is the best way to advertise seasonal, festival, discount sales and visually appealing products. Window displays can also impact the buying behavior of a customer when he enters the store in the first place. 

Overview of Nexgen POG

Nexgen POG is a robust cloud-based visual merchandising tool designed for quick and easy planogramming. It is a multi-device compatible software that helps retailers to create store-specific retail displays to boost in-store sales and increase revenue. Nexgen POG ensures right product placement, proper category management and compliance analysis for improving the retail store performance.

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