Nexgen Marketing posted on October 26, 2022

As a retailer, you already know, setting goals is crucial to the success of your retail store. It will be challenging to continuously scale your brand if you don't set targets to achieve your objectives. With the aid of planogram software, retailers can stand out from the competition with eye-catching product displays, creative store layouts, and successful product placement on shelves. Planograms are visual merchandising tools that assist retailers in achieving their end-to-end retail goals through effective product planning and execution. For merchants, visual merchandising serves as an aesthetic curation that enhances the appearance of the store to boost sales. This article will assist you in outlining the use of planograms to achieve your ultimate goals:

  • Continued growth: Adding new products or services to your store could help you grow your business. A great way to go about this is to think of any related products that you can sell. If your shoppers are requesting anything, they really need, you can add such items to satisfy their shopping needs. According to research, most retailers in the U.S. have enhanced their store’s growth by expanding their product lines. For example, if your store initially solely sold maternity wear, adding children's wear and toys may encourage customers to make impulse purchases. Similarly, footwear stores can increase sales by providing items like shoe polish and socks.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Knowing how satisfied your customers are with your business is crucial since it gives you insight into your strategy. Retailers can look into past sales data to understand customer behavior and stock items of their interest. According to a study, most retail stores have significant levels of customer dissatisfaction among adults aged 30 to 50. As a result, the retailers chose to make kids happy when they visit the store by adding candies and various toys on the store shelves. This made children excited to come to the store and resulted in dragging their parents along with them. Using visual merchandising and eye-catching displays, retailers can place kid's items on shelves where they can easily reach out.
  • Increased efficiency: Increased efficiency is a critical factor in improving the customer experience and fostering retail growth. Most shops fall short of the demands of customers when their expectations rise. A disappointed customer will tell 9–10 people about their experience with your store, while most satisfied customers would only tell 3-5 individuals. To help customers see products and increase sales, organize shelves with a distinct product line and strategically placed displays, such as a mannequin modeling the newest must-have items adjacent to the product.
  • Beat competition: Knowing your product's buyer is one of the finest methods to stay one step ahead of the competition. If you sell clothing, you must be aware of your target market in order to design a product display that will inspire them to buy. Always keep the newest and most popular things on shelves to maximize sales. Retailers can outperform the competition by providing better discounts than their rivals.
  • Overview of Nexgen POG

    Nexgen POG is a robust and user-friendly cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and efficient planogramming with minimal effort. Planograms can be designed by easily dragging and dropping the products. The multi-device compatibility feature of POG allows you to obtain, share and edit planograms on any device, including your phone. It helps in designing store-specific planograms for increased product visibility and sales.

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