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Visual merchandising is the use and manipulation of sales displays and retail floor plans to boost sales activity. In visual merchandising, the products being sold are typically displayed in such a way as to attract consumers from the intended market by drawing attention to the product's best features and benefits.

There are different ways to enhance visual merchandising by arranging the products in different ways. Different strategies to improve visual merchandising include horizontal merchandising, cross-merchandising, color-block merchandising, brand-block merchandising, etc.

 Block merchandising is a merchandising method in which product placing is done based on some criteria. The types of block merchandising include color-block merchandising brand-block merchandising. In this blog let us discuss the merits of using brand block method to improve retail merchandising. The brand-block technique can be explained as arranging products belong to the same brand together in a place. For example, all products of a soft drink brand can be arranged together in adjacent shelf to form a block or section of a brand. Brand block merchandising will help merchandising brand having a strong brand value in the market. If brand blocking is adopted by a brand with low value, then the brand-block creation wouldn’t increase the sales.

An important thing to consider is how brand blocking should be arranged? Horizontal or vertical? The horizontal brand block includes arranging all the product of a brand in a horizontal section of the shelf. In the following image, the top shelf is the brand block of the same brand.


The vertical brand block includes arranging all the product of a brand in a vertical section of the shelf. In the image, the products of the same brand are arranged as a vertical section at the right end.

Now let us discuss which is better. If the product is comparatively new for an established brand then the horizontal block can be used, This type of display ensures all products are within the customer’s direct line of sight, since they are all on the same level. In case all other cases the brand blocking can be preferably done in vertical section.

The brand block building will help to improve brand loyalty and reduce brand switching. In vertical blocking, customers will not have to move from one place to another in order to see all the products in the display, just move their eyes up and down. In the case of horizontal blocking the products of the same brand at the same level which provide customer easy to choose by comparison. This is also backed with customer behaviour such as customer tend to scan from left to right horizontally.

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