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Planogram is an essential tool for visual merchandising for a retail store to improve sales. The sales volume is directly dependent on the market responsiveness of the industry. Market responsiveness can be improved by editing existing planogram or creating new planograms in response to market trends. This make a fast response necessary to improve sales.

Automation of planogram is an option for easy and fast creation of planogram for many business requirements. However, Planogram cannot be fully automated. Automation is mainly for planogram developers to develop planograms quick and error free. Automation of planogram can help in creating planogram when predetermined type of arrangements are needed to display the products.

How can a planogram be automated?

A planogram can be automated based on pre-determined rules. These rules can be defined based on the attributes of products suggested by users; this will give the user an option for customization. Rules can be set based on product attributes such as brand, price, dimension, historical sales data, nature of the industry, competition, etc.

Let us consider the user needs to arrange the products based on the size in such a way that larger sized products come at the bottom of the shelf. This requirement can be set as a rule by the planogram designer and can create an option for running it. Rules can also be set based on sales, by placing the products with low sales volume on the top of the shelf to improve visibility and thereby sales. To improve sales rules can be set based on multiple product attributes and marketing tactics.

Automation are implemented in a planogram software by including the option to run predefined rules. The rule should be set according to the requirement of planogram developers This can be done by the planogram software developer before delivering the planogram software to planogram developers. To automate planogramming the steps to be involved are:

  • select the products to be added in the planogram
  • run the required rule. Once the rule has been selected, planogram can be created according to the selected rule instantly. Even though automation is possible, each customer has unique needs. So, the option to automate planogramming are mostly done in a customized manner.

Nexgen POG is very cost effective and easy to use planogram software. It offers a multitude of features to make your planogramming streamlined, including a central product and image library, planogram visualization options, Planogram sharing, planogram compliance, space, and capacity analysis and sales data integration. It also offers automation options as required by customers. 

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