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Planogram is a visual merchandising tool to plan the placements of products on the shelf. Planogramming is very useful for in-store visual merchandising to effectively plan retail store shelf space. It can be used by manufacturers or retailers.  

Creating a planogram using a simple planogram software is quite easy for a category manager. Nexgen POG is an easy web-based planogram software with unlimited licensing models and affordable pricing. Unlimited licensing helps to extend planogramming capabilities to various teams to easily create a zone or store specific planogram. Similarly, simple planogram edits and revisions can be easily done by front end marketing and sales professionals.?Nexgen POG makes planogramming easy and available for everyone by providing an unlimited license for all the professionals who are involved and responsible for decision making.? 

You can start using a planogram after registering to POG in Nexgen site. The planogram software is very easy to use that anyone can create planograms without any training. The planogram software is a cloud-based solution that enables you to access from anywhere across the world and no installation is required. Cloud-based planogram software only needs very short onboarding time and shares the same product and image library among all your team members. There are numerous advantages to a cloud-based planogramming solution. 

The POG software creation is made easy by including standard templates of coolers, gondolas, peg boards, and slat walls. By choosing these standard?templates?one?can create planograms easily?instead of creating each?planogram?from scratch. The selection of template and customization will be followed by assigning the location for products in the template. This is done by adding the products to the product bin from the product library. The product library available in Nexgen POG has a large variety of products. The product library of Nexgen POG consists of product name, brand, dimensions, manufacturer, picture and UPI which will help the products to be easily identified and used in the planogram. The products can be assigned to shelves just by dragging and dropping from product bin to template, it’s as simple as that. The tools options available in Nexgen POG will help you to create a visually pleasing and understandable planogram with ease.  

Analysis options available in Nexgen POG will help in analyzing the planogram based on manufacturer, product, and brand. The sales analysis report will help the user to analyze the movement or sales of the product. Similarly, the space analysis report helps the users of Nexgen POG to analyze the free space and density of products on the shelf. These reports help you to get full idea about your retail space product behavior.  

Compliance facility available in Nexgen POG helps in checking the planogram compliance with the retail shelf space. There is an option for a person who is checking the compliance to raise a mismatch warning. Reporting a warning is easy to do and communicate smoothly with a higher personal who oversees the compliance section.?The tickets raised by the staff contains a field for describing the problem.?Without much cost, a photo can be included in the ticket for better understanding.?Another feature that is included in compliance is to point out the problem specifically is to provide the option to select the section or row of the reviewing shelf where the problem is present.?After resolving the problem, the ticket can be deactivated but will be available for reference. These features make the Nexgen POG compliance more helpful. 

We can add comments or extra information in planogram by adding labels to your planogram. Labels option will help the planogram creator to create custom labels. Planograms created and saved can be exported to image and PDF formats as well as to excel format based on the product, manufacturer and brand. The Planogram can also be shared using Nexgen POG. Sharing can be done easily by clicking on the share button in the planogram creation page. This will help you to share planograms created with others. 

Nexgen POG is the easy and best planogram software available. Get your free trial Now! 

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