Nexgen Marketing posted on April 09, 2019

How will unlimited licensing help you? 

In FMCG, food and beverages industry,  grabbing deals is by evoking the impulse buying behaviour of the customers. In the current market scenario, it is crucial to rearrange the planograms according to the local trends. The sales volume is directly dependent on the market responsiveness of the industry. Nexgen POG is the best solution for easy, unlimited licensed planogram designing. 

Planogramming in large companies is done by in-house planogrammers or Visual merchandising specialists. Agile response to local trends in the market for giants and planogram designing for the vendor is made possible by utilizing a planogram software which is highly cost-effective and has unlimited licensing. Unlimited licensing has various benefits. 

•    Unlimited nature helps marketing managers to easily create a zone or store specific planogram. Area/zone specific planogram designing is required to ensure the customization of the shelf space which will attract the customers. 

•    Simple planogram edits and revisions can be easily done by front end marketing professionals to improve sales. This will improve market responsiveness. 

•    Local market may have trends which are market specific, planogram editing according to the local trend is made possible by unlimited licensing. 

•    Planogramming is made easy and available for everyone by providing an unlimited license for all the professionals who are involved and responsible for decision making. 

Making the planogram unlimited should be after ensuring the planogram software is easy to learn and use. Nexgen POG is easy to use, unlimited license software which is highly cost effective. Get your Free Trial Now! 

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