Nexgen Marketing posted on October 15, 2019

Are you using a planogram software? If not try one! Planogram software is a necessary tool for retailers as well as a manufacturer. As discussed in previous blogs creating planograms will help to:

  • Influence customer buying behaviour
  • Reduce stock-out situations
  • Organize the available shelf space and get maximum space to arrange products.

For a beginner, an easy to use planogram software is more desirable. Selecting a planogram should be made with care. Nexgen POG is a no installation cloud-based planogram software that is easy to use. Nexgen POG can be accessed from anywhere by logging in using your username and password. No installation makes it faster and easier to start using the system in no time.  

The most fundamental function of a planogram software is to create effective planograms. Planogramming is made easy by Nexgen POG through the following steps:

  • Selecting Planogram templates
  • Selecting products
  • Filling the shelf with simple drag and drop function
  • Saving the planograms
  • Sharing planograms online

The first step to create a planogram using Nexgen POG involves selection of an appropriate planogram template. Selecting the most suitable template will help you to create a planogram with minimal errors. Templates available include coolers, gondolas, slat wall, pegboard etc. After selection of planogram template, products to be placed on the shelf should be selected. Desired products of your choice can be added to the image library by uploading it to the platform. Rather than uploading product information of products one by one, bulk upload of products is possible.

Nexgen POG can help to create planograms manually or based on pre-set rules. These rules can be customized based on the requirements of the user. These rules can be created with any permutations of product attributes which will suit your business requirement.

Different analytic reports about previous sales data, space analysis of the shelf and capacity data available in the software can be generated in Nexgen POG. This will help to design effective planograms.

Multiple users can access planograms through Nexgen POG platform by accessing their personal accounts. These accounts will be access controlled based on different permissions like view/edit to access the planograms. After the implementation of planograms, Nexgen POG also helps with checking shelf compliance. Compliance with the given planogram with the shelf can be ensured with the compliance feature of Nexgen POG. This is important to make sure the effect of planogram implementation is attained. With Nexgen POG planogram incompliance can be reported specifying the shelf and section of the planogram where the problem is identified. Nexgen POG also provides an option to snapshot the picture of the shelf to enable a proper understanding of the situation. The issue can be resolved, and the ticket raised can be closed after carrying out required actions.

Nexgen POG is an easy, powerful and affordable web-based planogram builder with unlimited licensing. This planogram software has a planogram compliance feature associated with it. The options provided are ticket raising, photo uploading provision, ability to select the shelf which has noncompliance. 

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