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Planogram is the visual representation of the products placed in shelf space. They are used for visual merchandising strategy to improve sales by influencing customer buying behaviour. In a retail store this is done using the product positioning technique to improve retail sales. You can create planograms using a planogramming software. Planogram software is a tool which helps to create a planogram with maximum precision possible in the most realistic way.  

Planogram can be designed using a planogram software for different variety of shelf layouts. These layouts include gondolas, coolers, vending machines, pegboards, slat walls, etc. Most planogram software offers different templates of predefined planograms with standard dimension. These templates are mostly called standard planogram templates. By choosing these standard templates one can create planograms easily instead of creating each planogram from scratch.  

The popular formats of standard templates are gondolas, coolers, vending machines, pegboards, and slat walls. 

Gondola Rack 

Gondola racks are free-standing fixtures usually having shelves connected to a certain height. There are 4,8,12 and 16 ft gondolas available. Gondolas are usually used in supermarkets and other retail stores to enable customers to pick and choose the required products. The gondola templates available in planograms will have standard dimensions and if the shelves are able to arrange according to requirement then it can be used easily for planogram creation. 


Coolers are devices available to store beverages or food items require cooling. The formats available are countertop cooler, large double door cooler, large single door cooler, medium double door cooler, medium single door cooler, small single door cooler, etc. Standard measurements can be used and adjustments can be made to create planogram. 

Vending machines 

     vending machine

Vending machines are automated devices usually used to provide items such as?snacks,?beverages, etc?to consumers after money, a?credit card, or specially designed card is inserted into the machine. These self-serviced stand-alone units are common in many countries. These coolers are usually standardized for each brand. If the template for your brand/similar is available, then the planogramming will probably take only 5-10 minutes. 


Peg board

This board consists of several holes where pegs can be accepted to support various items, such as tools in a workshop. It can be used in stores to display warehouse items, tools, cables, etc. In peg boards, items can be hanged on pegs. Templates available for pegboard will simplify the planogramming.  

Slat walls 

slatwall nexgen pog

Slat wall is made of panels to display a variety of products. It is made with horizontal grooves that are configured to accept a variety of?merchandising?accessories. Cloths, sports accessories, shoes, tools, toys, etc can be hanged or kept using slat wall. If a template is available, then arranging items in slat can be done by just dragging and dropping products.  

Nexgen POG is an easy planogram solution which helps you to create planogram in simple steps. It has standard templates available in varieties mentioned above and in different dimensions. This will help in minimizing the time required to create planogram. It is not only simple but also cost-effective. Explore planogramming with templates available in Nexgen POG. 

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