How PSA import feature can reduce your overall cost of planogramming?

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How PSA import feature can reduce your overall cost of planogramming?

The major purpose of a planogram is to maximize sales by ensuring that the most profitable products are given the right number of shelf facings and allocations. There are a lot of sophisticated planogramming solutions like JDA, Apollo etc in the market, which are too costly and complicated. These solutions are typically designed for power users like category managers and visual merchandisers and each user would have to get an individual license which would cost a lot. 

Teams other than the category management team may also need a planogramming tool. But it is not cost effective to get each of them an individual license and it is very difficult for them to work with such a complicated solution. The power users would also want access controls for their planogram solutions so that only they would be able to make changes to it. 

What if there was a much simpler and cost-effective solution which has the capability to import PSA files as well? Nexgen POG is one such solution which has the PSA import feature.  

•    First, Nexgen POG can do all the required functions of a planogram, at a much lesser cost. Since it is a web-based planogramming software, planograms can be shared among all users via the web. You can specifically give ‘edit’ or ‘view’ permissions while sharing. The team members can benefit by accessing these planograms on their handheld device and they will only have ‘view’ permission. Similarly, among your team you can use the share feature by granting ‘edit’ permission. 

•    It can import PSA files to the system and can also do a bulk import of PSA files. You could keep your sophisticated planogramming solution centralised by allowing only the power users to work on it. The sales, marketing or similar teams could use a much simpler and cost-effective planogramming platform and could import their PSA files to Nexgen POG, convert those read-only files into editable formats and work on it.  

•    You could either replace or cut down on the number of licenses of your existing planogram solution with Nexgen POG. You could purchase one-time unlimited license of Nexgen POG for the cost of one license of a high-end planogram software. 

•    You could save a lot on the training cost because the platform is too simple so that anyone would be able to use it. 

Want to experience the new PSA import feature in Nexgen POG? Get your Nexgen POG free trial now!

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