Nexgen Marketing posted on April 12, 2018

In the retail world, a product’s position on the shelf greatly affect its performance. With retail shelf space planning becoming more and more important, it is essential to ensure if your shelf space is working at its maximum. A planogramming tool can help you ensure if you are managing your spaces to their full potential.

Many companies use a highly sophisticated planograms like JDA, Apollo, Neilson for their shelf space planning. The user licenses of these software are costly and they require individual licenses to be purchased for the required number of users. Usually the power users like the category management team are given access to these licenses and they create standard planogram designs for the store. But in order to implement the planogram in the store, the planogram design is to be distributed among the sales team or retailers. For this the companies need to purchase read only licenses of the same high-end planogram software which are also costly.

Also, the sales team or the retailer would sometimes need minor variations on the standard planogram. Since the sales team and others own a read only version of the software, they have to wait for category management team to do the modifications. Opening, reviewing, editing and proposing changes on the planogram by experienced teams can take weeks to complete.

What about a solution which meets all these and more at a much lesser cost? What if you can easily import PSA, XML and XLS to editable planogram format?

Nexgen POG is one such solution. You can import planogram files in multiple formats ( psa, xml, xls) to Nexgen POG and do the designing. It can also replace read only planogram files to editable formats, adding proper permissions. Including Nexgen POG in your strategy would tremendously reduce the total cost of planogramming. You can purchase one-time unlimited license of Nexgen POG for the cost of one license of a high-end planogram software.

This would also reduce the time required to implement planograms in stores down to a few minutes since the planogram file format which the category management team delivers can be converted to the file format used by the sales team!

Nexgen POG is a simple and user-friendly planogram software?which?is easy to learn and use, accessible on the cloud?and?compatible on all devices. Check how Nexgen POG can help your business! Get your Free Trial now!

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