How planogram automation helps space planners?

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How planogram automation helps space planners?

A planogram or the visual plan that represents the product positioning and space allocation on shelf, is not just a tool that space planners brag about. From ensuring stocks on the shelves to tempting the customers to choose products, it can help you maximise your sales. That is why planograms are so critical to any store’s performance.

With the rise of technology, planograms have become much more than this!

Creating a data-driven planogram has always been a time-consuming task. Planogram software makes it possible to automate your day-to-day space planning activities. Planogram automation is most helpful when creating planograms from scratch.

By automating the process of arranging products on the shelf according to a structure set according to the requirement, the task of space planners have become much easier. They can spend more time on other planogram related activities like analysing a planogram and fine-tuning it to perfection rather than manually creating it from the collected sales data.

If you want to arrange products according to a category, sub-category or a brand, it would take a few hours if you opt to do the planogramming manually. The best part of automated planograms is that it takes only two minutes, which includes setting up all of your merchandising rules applicable to the category and brands. That means you have a shelf packed with the right amount of facings without much errors in less time.

Repetitive tasks can be automated on every planogram and get the task completed even while the space planners are not at their computer or smart phone. Thus, a space planner can increase their productivity, at the same time, focus more time on doing planogram analytics.

We will be discussing more about planogram automation in the upcoming blogs. Follow our blog to stay tuned!

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