Nexgen Marketing posted on July 05, 2018

Planogramming helps in strategically packing your shelves and displays so that your customers can see your products and purchase them easily. When a space planner begins with any planogram, there are a number of principles that need to be taken care of. These principles depend upon who the space planner is working with.

You might be thinking, what would a distributor do with a planogram, aren’t you?

One of the biggest misconceptions about space planning is that retailers are the ones who gets benefitted from planograms and that distributors have nothing to do with planograms. Planograms aren't space planning tools just for retailers, they will also benefit distributors.

How does merchandising influence space planning?

It is important for any store to have its most profitable products be positioned at the most favourable location than waste that space for a product that sells the least. For this the distributors also requires knowledge and the data regarding the shelves and store since making decisions around the space on the shelf is based on that data.

That means if you are a distributor, you will know which product you represent, work the best and the ones which don’t. You will be aware of the competitors and the competition. This helps the distributor demand the needed allocation for their products, without making the retailer lose out.

Which planogram do you use for your product promotion?

Planograms are powerful tools that change the overall performance of a store as it controls inventory and reduce of out-of-stocks and eases product replenishment. Planogram software is an essential tool for distributors to visualize and plan your selling strategy.

There are many cost-effective and easy to use planogram tools available for distributors. Some planogram software used by the manufacturer can even be extended to their distributor network for an effective space planning, taking the hassle out of distributors in investing in a new planogram tool. Nexgen POG is one such solution.

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