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Many organisations and brands have achieved improved sales using planograms as part of their strategy. However, purchasing a planogram was not easy on pockets and was used only by huge companies.

Planograms have evolved over time and there are many powerful, yet affordable solutions available, allowing companies with smaller budgets also to start off with planogram. Nowadays everybody can use easy professional planogramming tools effectively and take advantage of them.

Many of the easy planogram tools come with a visual analysis feature too!

Why Visual Analysis?

This feature represents shelves as schematic or photorealistic replications on your screen, so that your understanding, knowledge of the category and insights about the customers would be more specific and clear helping you make informed decisions.

The colour schema in the planogram will provide you insights on the shelf share (share of space), number of facings or unit inventory per segment and brand share. These shares can then be analysed and compared with market shares or the shares of competitors and can be used as the basis your sales strategy.

With visual analyses feature, you can review the planogram in different colour-schemes. Some planogram software offers options to add additional data like sales, inventory, financial etc to your planogram by importing data from an Excel spreadsheet or directly linking with ERP systems.

Importing these data to your planogram would give you insights about the following:

  • Where the best and worst performing products are located
  • The allocation of brand space
  • Is the shelf in balance with consumer demands
  • Which products potentially should be replaced
  • Products which are out of stock
  • Missing sales because of out-of-stocks
  • Consumers’ buying behaviour
  • More insights in your performance versus your competitors

It’s easier to achieve good results using the visual analysis feature, even if you don’t have detailed information such as sales, integrated in your planogram system. Exchange of information with companies who rely on a different space planning solution can also be done if the easy planogram you use, got the ability to import planograms created in pln-, psa- and xml-formats.

Not yet tried the visual analysis feature?

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