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A planogram is a visual representation used in merchandising and retail space planning, to clearly explain how and where retail products should be placed on the shelves with a goal to increase purchases by customers.

There are few strategies to be followed for product placement. The position of product, number of facings, brand completion, brand popularity and many other factors are taken into account. The effectiveness of the created planogram is measured by the sales volume.

The best way to understand planograms is to look at some examples of planograms. Nexgen POG provides a few templates and you can either edit those create new planograms using Nexgen POG. Let’s look at a few planogram templates.

1. Large Format Coffee Shelf:

You can make the perfect planogram of your choice by editing Nexgen POG’s large format coffee planogram template. You can add or remove fixtures from this four-fixture shelf. It’s very easy to import products from the product library to your bin and start placing products on the shelves by a drag and drop.

2. Large Format Tea Shelf:

Following is a planogram made for a large format tea shelf. You can easily stack tea packets one on the above the shelf as shown on the last fixture of this six-fixture shelf. The size of the shelves can be further adjusted according to the number of facings of products.

3. Small Format CSD 1 Door:

The following figure shows a planogram for a gondola that we have designed for a leading food and beverages client. With Nexgen POG, you can either edit the template or create a similar one for your gondola. You can make use of the feature” spread even” if your fixture is not full.

Nexgen POG has are many other templates and features that can be explored! Try it now using a free trial!

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