Nexgen Marketing posted on September 20, 2018

Have you moved your business to the cloud?

When cloud applications came in, nobody understood how it could help their business, but as the technology developed, more secure and flexible solutions became available to you. Some of the most common cloud applications is the Microsoft Office 365 package.

When your software and storage move to the cloud, it will sweep your business right along with it. Instead of being seen as alternative options, cloud applications are now accepted as the next logical step. Here’s why:

Transfer your data safely:

There are many chances of challenges in your business, your servers could crash, drives become corrupted, data breach can occur or a ransomware attack. Of course, there can be environmental challenges too. With cloud applications, your data can be safely stored in data centers, with enough backup systems.

Updates are automatic:

There was a time, people struggling out of compatibility between versions and accidentally corrupting files. Cloud applications made the updates automatic on all devices. With this advantage, you are always updated with the latest features and security.

You’re free to move:

With all your application on the cloud, your employees can work from anywhere. For example, they don’t have to wait until the next day to send an invoice, reply a client mail or even make your product sell. This flexibility can open up a new world of opportunities for you from any part of the world.

Enables easy collaboration:

Since all your data is held in one place, your employees can coordinate and work together with ease. Nobody gets locked out of files because someone else is using it and changes appear in real-time for multiple users.

Everything is internet based:

All your cloud applications work with your established network, whether it’s wired, wi-fi or cellular. You can run your business from anywhere and get your work progress monitored from anywhere.

Avoid a large hardware refresh:

Before considering a large capital expenditure, you can check if a cloud migration would work for you. On-premises hardware may lead to a depreciating in your asset. Also, investing in a hardware may get you locked into that technology for three to five years. Moving to the cloud enables you to use a pay-as-you-go, where you purchase only the equipment you actually need and add more resources further.

Get a free consultation if you are planning to move to cloud! Read more about cloud applications in our next post!  

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