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Nexgen Marketing posted on October 13, 2021

It is true that planogram software improves retail businesses and maximizes their sales. That is because planograms help retailers increase their profit and satisfy the needs of their customers. But planograms are not limited to helping retailers alone. In fact, these space planning tools also help suppliers who want to display their products to retailers for higher buy-ins. If you are a supplier, you will wish to optimize the shelf space given to you. Optimizing the retail shelf space accurately will make you the type of supplier that a retailer wants to work with regularly. By ensuring the shelf space, it will benefit both you and your retailer. So, why would suppliers want to optimize the shelf space for retailers? It turns out that both have a lot to gain from each other. Suppliers depend too much on retailers to get their products to customers, and retailers, in turn, depend on suppliers to sell goods that satisfy customer's needs. For that reason, retailers would want to know how a product would look like within a store. This can be done with a planogram software. Planogram is a visual merchandising tool, that helps to visualize the products on shelves with proper assortment planning, category management and shelf planning to improve store performance and maximize sales by enticing retailers. Following are some planogram features that aid suppliers to entice retailers:

  • Planogram helps to provide a clear visual image of how a supplier’s product will look on a store shelf to entice retail customers.
  • Planogram ensures how shelf space can be optimized for the supplier’s line of products and how to execute them on shelves properly.
  • It helps to understand what product placement would be best suited for enticing retailers and increasing their profit.

How Planograms are Beneficial for Suppliers to Optimize Retail Shelf Space? 

  • Helps to ensure that their brands receive fair space allocations: Planogram helps suppliers to understand how brands should be positioned on store shelves. This helps to identify and optimize shelf space shared by each brand, new line introductions and restock items based on such demand. This will help retailers to get a clear idea of executing various branded items on their store shelves and entice retailer customers.
  • Provide proper category-wise space management: Planogram allow suppliers to position products in a way that is consistent with proper category-wise space allocation. Optimizing, product facings of different categories together will ensure proper product placement and help to display products that are apt to each store’s shelves.
  • Helps to optimize product development: Suppliers can optimize the best stock holding on retail shelves before the production process. This allows suppliers to check what impact it will have on stock value, product capacity and sales. Also, suppliers can change their pack shots to analyze how it looks like on the shelf and on planogram for creating a visually appealing category-wise products to entice customer attention.

Overview of Nexgen POG 

Nexgen POG is a robust and user-friendly cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and efficient planogramming with minimal efforts. Planograms can be designed by easily dragging and dropping the products. Multi-device compatibility feature of POG allows you to obtain, share and edit planogram on any device including your phone. It helps in designing store-specific planograms for increased product visibility and sales.

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