Nexgen Marketing posted on January 30, 2018

What is planogram compliance?

A shelf set or a fixture is considered perfectly compliant when all products are placed according to the planogram; in right locations, in correct quantities, with adequate facings, and with appropriate tags telling about accurate product and price information.

How to achieve compliance?

To accurately measure compliance, it is necessary to frequently verify if the products on shelf spaces are same as those in the planogram. There are many methods to ensure planogram compliance. One of the methods which is widely used is manual and time-consuming.

According to one of the legacy models, the sales force takes a print out of the planogram template and mark all those products or shelf spaces by standing in front of the shelf and find a solution by themselves, in case of non-compliance, which may not be the best possible solution.

It has become crucial for retailers to leverage on modern technologies to find solutions that would help them stock their shelves accurately and with lesser effort.

What if you have a system which helps your sales force quickly access the planogram template online, from a handheld device, mark the products on shelves as such in the store and share it among the power users or category management team?

While there may be several solutions, the 2-planogram  strategy is here for rescue! 

If you are using the 2 planogram strategy things will fall in place much easier. The sales force can mark and share the current store appearance to the power users, shelf by shelf. The shelf spaces can then be identified and checked for compliance by an instant and thorough analysis by the category management team. This strategy helps you achieve compliance with lesser effort and under the supervision of experts.

You just need to ensure that you are using a planogram which has the necessary feature to convert the planogram files to any format especially to PSA file format and vice versa for easy execution of space management processes.

Does your organization currently have a solution in place to ensure planogram compliance in retail stores?

Nexgen POG is a newly developed system which has it all!

Nexgen POG is a cloud based and easy planogram which can improve your efficiency in shelf space planning by enabling you to better manage a number of planograms at a time. It would be easy for all types of users to ensure compliance using the simple planogram template that can be generated and shared online using Nexgen POG.

Get a free trial now and see how Nexgen POG can help you build planograms and ensure compliance.

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