Nexgen Marketing posted on April 20, 2022

Merchandising strategies continue to play a key role in your retail store’s success. Creating more profitable categories which include a new brand or fresh product line helps to create a buzz among the shoppers to boost impulse purchase opportunities. More importantly, these categories can make you stay relevant in the competitive industry. Strategies are bound to boost your retail performance. So, how can these strategies boost your category sales with visual merchandising? Planograms are visual merchandising, which help retailers execute category-wise product placement efficiently. This helps to group similar products together to meet customer’s’ shopping needs. So, the following are some planogram in retail strategies to increase category sales:

  • Traffic building: This strategy helps to draw shopper’s attention into the store, then to the aisle, and into different categories. Retailers can use this strategy for price sensitive products that are frequently purchased. For instance, placing high loyalty items in hotspot areas could make them easily visible and accessible, which results in impulse buying. Also, top-performing categories can be placed at eye level, which in turn generates the most sales.
  • Layout enhancing: While creating store layouts, retailers need to think about how shoppers would react to placing category-specific products on store shelves. Therefore, they need to arrange each aisle by considering the category, space, and assortment of products.
  • Transaction building: This helps to increase the average spending time within the category. This focuses on the average category transaction, by enticing shoppers to purchase complementary items. For example, if a shopper intends on buying bread, they might also need to buy supplementary items like butter, chocolate spread or jam to complete the purchase. It also includes how visually you display the items to encourage customers to impulse buy with promotions. For example, ‘buy one, get one free.’
  • Excitement generating: Create excitement for categories by making a sense of urgency for the items. This strategy focuses on offering innovative products or promotions to the shopper’s which includes seasonal items, limited editions, the latest arrivals and more. This will bring more shoppers into the store and boost sales.
  • Overview of Nexgen POG

    Nexgen POG is a robust and user-friendly cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and efficient planogramming with minimal effort. Planograms can be designed by easily dragging and dropping the products. The multi-device compatibility feature of POG allows you to obtain, share and edit planograms on any device, including your phone. It helps in designing store-specific planograms for increased product visibility and sales.

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