Nexgen Marketing posted on June 22, 2022

When your customers walk into a store and find the aisles are messy, they will stop visiting your store. Similarly, there may be situations where your store is stocked out of items that your customers need the most. This leads to losing your shoppers and sales. Well, you can fix this with the help of planograms. Planograms are visual merchandising tools, which help retailers effectively plan and execute products on store shelves efficiently. So, the following are some reasons why your customers dislike shopping at your store:

  • When your customer cannot find the items, they are looking for: When your shelves run out of items and a customer visits your store before you restock the shelves, it makes your customer dislike shopping at your store. One of the reasons for this is that you failed to understand the type of products your customer needs and how much you need to stock to meet the demands. This can be done accurately with the planogram days of supply analysis, which helps you fill the items on shelves to sell per day while looking at how many are left. This aids retailers in deciding how often they need to stock the items.
  • When the store is unorganized and messy: There is nothing worse than visiting a store that is messy. If there is no logical flow of product categories, it can disappoint your shoppers. Well, with the right shelf planning, your store can provide the best possible retail experience with planograms. Planogram category management ensures that items on each shelf are based on the category. For example, you can place retail product categories like apparel, footwear, fashion accessories or, jewelry on various aisles.
  • When your store is too busy: When your store is overcrowded with products on shelves, and there is no sufficient space between aisles, and when your shopper finds it very hard to move from one aisle to another, it can prompt your shopper to walk away from the store. That is why you need to plan the layout of your store by providing enough space between each aisle. Overloading displays with too much merchandise can cause a hard time in selecting items, therefore, you need to select a few items that truly convince your shopper to make purchases and pull people inside your store. Show off various items in a product line on different shelves to encourage shoppers to make purchases.
  • Overview of Nexgen POG

    Nexgen POG is a robust and user-friendly cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and efficient planogramming with minimal effort. Planograms can be designed by easily dragging and dropping the products. The multi-device compatibility feature of POG allows you to obtain, share and edit planograms on any device, including your phone. It helps in designing store-specific planograms for increased product visibility and sales.

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