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Planograms are no longer a luxury to retailers, rather a necessity. As the name suggests, planograms are diagrammatic representations of a store layout with a special focus on product placement. These visual merchandising tools ensure availability of the right product, at the right place and time for maximum customer attention. Considering the limited amount of space available to a brick and mortar store, calculated shelf space planning is crucial for retail success. A well-designed planogram can increase sales, improve customer loyalty and reduce overall costs.

Planogramming is not a new concept. The practice of shelf space management dates back to the 1980s. In the olden days, planograms were created with the help of a planogram specialist, using planogram software. Planograms so created were then installed onto the user’s computer. Here, product and image library layout were created manually. Such installed systems suffered from numerous limitations.

Installation and configuration processes were time consuming

Product and image library had to be updated regularly

Planograms could not be shared easily with other team members

Planogram approval and publishing process would take a longer time

Does not support real-time product performance and validation

In order to overcome the shortcoming of installed planograms, retailers are now turning into online planograms or cloud-based planograms. Compared to installed planograms, a cloud-based planogram requires no installation and can be used from any device. These web-based planograms provide numerous benefits in terms of scalability, availability and feature updates. Read on to know why cloud-based planogram would a perfect planogramming tool for you!

Benefits of cloud-based planograms:

1. No installation required: Cloud-based planograms eliminate the need for any software installation and allows users to manage everything online. All users instantly get updates of new features automatically.

2. Easy accessibility always: Cloud-based planograms can be accessed from anywhere, at any time- only internet connection is required. Whether you are in your office or in a cab, planograms can be easily created on desktops, laptops, tablets or even your mobile phones. It runs on any device with a modern browser including PC, MAC, Android and iOS

3. No storage space required: Cloud storage is one of the most convenient and efficient methods to store planograms online. This eliminates the need for storing planograms in a hard disk or any other local storage.

4. Easy online sharing: Cloud-based planograms allow users to share planograms online, instantly across multiple store locations with a button click using the same platform. It ensures secure sharing of planograms to anyone including external users.

5. Flawless communication between teams: If one team member creates a planogram and saves it on the cloud, it is instantly available to other team members, sales and merchandizers in the company. This provides an opportunity for team members to pitch in their ideas, suggestions and concerns, thereby facilitating smoother flow of communication.

6. Automated store planogram compliance: Cloud-based planograms make it easier for retailers to monitor whether store level activities are fully compliant. It ensures easy compliance reporting through a single online platform, standardized reporting system and efficient feedback system.

7. Easy report generation: With cloud-based planograms, it’s easier for the sales and marketing team to generate sales report, space report, capacity analyses report for planogram optimization. For instance, by analyzing sales report the user is able to monitor sales and product movement. Likewise, the availability of free spaces as well as space occupied by different products can be easily monitored from the space report.

8. Ensures data security: Since the planograms are stored in the cloud, the user does not need to worry about local PC crashes, backups, or other loss of data.

Planogramming made easy with Nexgen POG

Nexgen POG is a powerful and effective cloud based visual merchandizing tool. With state-of-the-art designing tools, POG is capable of creating 2D visuals of displayed products that ensure quick and easy planogramming. Planogramming is often considered as a complicated process that requires a lot of resources, expertise, and of course money. Nexgen POG is a practical solution to the above mentioned issues. It is an easy to use planogram that relieves you from the complications of installation process or other associated set-up. Multi device compatibility feature of POG allows you to access planograms from anywhere anytime. Additionally, it is equipped with a vast array of features that helps you to monitor sales pattern, customize your product library, and implement your product display strategy in the most efficient manner.

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