8 reasons why you should invest in a cloud-based planogram?

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Planogramming is no longer a bottleneck, but a great tool to generate greater profit. Whether you are a small store or a major company supplying products to many stores, a planogram is an essential tool for your business. There are many planogram software available including cloud based and non-cloud based. The popularity of cloud-based planograms has increased than ever before, because of its versatility.

Cloud based planogram benefits:

Let’s dig deeper into the details, to know why a cloud-based planogram would be the right planogramming tool for you!

1. Nothing to install and updates are automatic:

Web-based planograms don’t require you to install the software and check for the updates. You can manage everything online.

2. Be productive anywhere, anytime, in the office or in your cab:

Web-based planograms allow access from anywhere at any time where there is internet connectivity. The interactive web technologies give you fast response, allowing you to efficiently create and share planograms worldwide.

3. Doesn’t matter which device you use:

Clod based planograms run on any device with a browser, including PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. You don’t have to buy any new device.

4. Multiple users can work on the same planogram:

A user can create a planogram and save it on the cloud. At the same time, other users like sales people and merchandisers can view and edit the same data.

5. Lesser user conflicts:

Since planograms can be edited in real time, it removes the need for PDFs to be sent back and forth between stakeholders, accelerating the planogram approval and publishing process.

6. Better communication with all your stores:

Cloud based planograms allow store managers to view the proposed planogram created by a centralized planning team. They can request for local range changes at the same time and run all local promotions without delay.

7. Better insights:

Real-time product performance and validation helps in-store users to make better decisions about different categories.

8. Ensures compliance:

Web based planograms help retailers in ensuring if their stores are fully compliant eliminating potential issues, such as missing products and wrong number of facings.

Try before you invest in a cloud-based planogram. Get your free trial here!

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