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Convenience stores are generally designed for customers who are on their go and need to pick up only a few items. They usually contain a limited range of ready-to-eat foods, bottled and fountain drinks, household staples, periodicals etc. They are commonly located on a busy road and are mostly part of a gas/petrol station.  

They have long shopping hours making it convenient for the shoppers to meet their emergency needs late at night or early morning.  Some are open 24/7.  

According to NACS, 77% of USA citizens use convenience stores frequently to refuel and refresh. Planogram designing for C-stores have to be done with fine detailing as the product assortments are mostly for customers who want to pick up a few items and easily move to the cash register. Recent surveys by NACS show that 83% of in-store merchandise purchased from C-stores is consumed within one hour of purchase in the USA.  

Things to consider while designing Convenience store planograms 


  • Customer Experience 

The most important aspect why people use convenience stores is for convenient and quick shopping experience it provides. Providing the optimal convenient customer experience is the key aspect to consider while designing convenient store planograms.  Customers of C-store are not prepared to spend a lot of time in the store. Customers should be able to easily locate the products and move to the cash register. The fast-moving products should be placed on the eye-level and at the conducive  locations of the stores. Your merchandising planning and planogram designing should be done in such a way that the short time you get the customers in the store should entice the customers to make add-on purchases.  


  • Location 

Convenience stores in each location are influenced by their local interests also. So, while planogramming the product assortment you need to consider the nature of customer behavior in your locality. Designing and testing your planograms to see that it is in-line with your customer requirements is important to keep in while designing convenient store planograms.  

  • Stock Maintenance 

Planograms also help you to never go out of stock especially your hot selling and fast-moving items.  Imagine your fast-moving items going out of stock. How much can’t it affect your sales on a per-day basis? Planograms help you to have complete stock control and efficient inventory management.  

Efficient inventory management is not only essential for financial inflow but also for maintaining customer experience and loyalty. 


  • Space Utilization 

Apart from creating eye-catching displays, planograms also help to ensure optimal use of shelf space. Also, fast-moving and profitable products should be allotted enough space. Efficient convenient store planogram designing helps you to micro-manage space efficiently. Efficient space planning also allows your customers to get the right product they are looking for.  



Convenience store planograms with Nexgen POG 


Nexgen POG is a cloud-based planogram software that is multi-device and browser compatible. You can access, view and edit your planograms on any device from anywhere. It also has web-based planogram sharing features that enable you to share your planograms easily and quickly. You can now bulk upload products into the product library and easily create planograms by dragging and dropping. The Visual Analysis feature of Nexgen POG provides insights into shelf-space, number of facings and unit inventory per segment. Not just that you can Nexgen POG generate various analysis reports that help you to manage space, inventory and design planograms the most attractive and efficient way.   


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