Efficient &

Easy drag and drop editor gives you complete creative control

Anyone can Planogram

Anyone can

Anyone can easily learn and use Nexgen POG; experts to novice

Multi browser compatibility

Multi browser

Works on all browsers and doesn’t require any software installation

Built-in sharing features

sharing features

Users can easily create and share planograms from any device

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Nexgen POG

Nexgen POG – Shelf Space Planner

Nexgen POG

Many retailers and suppliers struggle in one way or another with store-level execution to achieve adequate in-store visibility. Most of the challenges arise from a single cause: category management or shelf space planning.

Today, businesses have shifted their focus from brands to customers. In this highly competitive customer-driven market it has become more than a necessity for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and sales person to highlight the visual representation of shelf spaces to plan and execute their selling strategy. So, what they actually require is an efficient and user-friendly planogram!

There are a number of planogram software available in the market. But planogramming is a complex activity that often requires more resources, expertise, recommended devices, huge investment and of course time. Nexgen POG is designed to resolve all these issues.

Nexgen POG is an easy and efficient web based planogram. With the latest version of Nexgen POG, we focus on encouraging companies to use planograms in each of their teams to grow their businesses.

Why should you use Nexgen POG?

Why should you use Nexgen POG?

  • Anyone can easily learn and use Nexgen POG; experts to novice
  • Encouraging all sales staff to use planogram internally will complement the sales strategy
  • Detailed front and side view of shelf spaces
  • Can be offered to distributors to increase sales
  • Can build planograms and share them on the go
  • Save hours from using pre-made templates or image editing tools
  • No additional software required to run POG Builder - just need a browser with internet connection

Nexgen POG



  • Multi browser compatibility
  • Can be used on any hand-held device
  • No software installation required
  • Easy drag and drop editor gives you complete creative control
  • Improved product bin features
  • Built-in sharing features
  • Easily saved and exported to JPG and PDF
  • Customized versions available for specific company needs
  • Very cost effective and viable billing models available
  • Any number of planograms can be created every month

Key Benefits of Nexgen POG

Key Benefits of Nexgen POG

For Suppliers:

The position and number of product facings affects the selling performance in store. Nexgen POG helps to increase sales ensuring the fixture is shopper friendly and easy to shop. Major retailers would require suppliers to present their products on planograms so as to get a strategized position on shelf. Suppliers who don’t have a working knowledge of planogram software or who find it difficult to approach space planners can easily create planograms with Nexgen POG and share them to the retailers.

For Retailers:

Nexgen POG help retailers to visualize store layouts and categorize their shelf spaces to make the shopping experience consistent throughout their store.

For Sales Staff:

Retail sales staff, who represent a brand or company can easily create and share planograms using Nexgen POG to give recommended layouts to the retailers according to their strategy and vision.

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