Leveraging Benefits of Shelf Data for Optimized Category Management
Accurate and current shelf data can be of much value to retailers in analyzing their shelf performance and optimizing assortment range. Three reports that are beneficial to retailers include sales analysis report, space analysis report, and capacity analysis report.
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Why Product Visibility Matters so Much in Retail?
In retail industry, in-store visibility is crucial to drive sales and maintain brand loyalty. In an era where customers are armed with information, it is important for retailers to use the right strategies to ensure that products have higher level of visibility. Planograms are vital tools that help them optimize in-store visibility.
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Fix Common Store Problems with Clever Space Planning
As retail space gets expensive day by day, merchandisers rely on space planning software like planograms to ensure optimum utilization of available space as well as to alleviate common store problems. With the right planning, retailers can not only achieve higher sales and profit, it also results in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
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How Cloud-Based Planograms Eliminate Monotonous Tasks so that Category Managers Can Work on Strategic Business Planning?
Traditional space planning solutions that rely on spreadsheets and PDFs force space planners to do menial, repetitive planogramming tasks to keep up with the demand while what they actually need is more time to concentrate on higher-level space planning strategy. New age cloud-based planograms provide an ideal solution to such issues. They let space planners plan, coordinate, communicate and automate all their space planning tasks in one place. Thus ultimately helping them to get the right produ...
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Why Store Layout Matters so Much in Retail?
As changes in consumer landscape continue to shape the retail industry, its primary goal remains the same-deliver value in the supply chain and create unique customer experiences. One way to achieve this is to design a retail environment that captures the attention of customers.
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Upgrade Your Planogramming Experience with New-Age Planograms
As brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to cope with the shifting demand for online shopping, store space continues to get more expensive and yet grows in importance. Hence, it is imperative that retailers maximize the limited store space available and transfer their focus on optimizing all forms of space and fixture types irrespective of individual store configuration. Earlier retailers were deprived of functionalities that deliver a high level of optimization, often resulting in labor-int...
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Impact of COVID-19 on Grocery Merchandising
2019 has been one of the most challenging years in the history of retail. The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has led to fundamental changes in consumer behavior, demand for basic items, as well as changes in the requirement for social distancing- forcing retailers to adopt new merchandising strategies to respond to rapidly to changing market trends.
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How Retailers Benefit from AI Powered Planograms?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining immense popularity in the retail sector because of its proven ability to generate a substantial return on investment. Apart from that, retailers also use the power of AI to analyze consumer needs and spending capacity, control inventory, improve returns and take better decisions. In a nutshell, AI is the perfect match for retail.
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Reasons for Shifting Trend Towards Store Specific Planograms
Traditionally, retail stores dealing with simple product categories or similar assortments were given the same planograms. However, these planograms failed to show variation in actual sales from store to store and the facings of each item are largely influenced by the average unit rate of sale. Generic planograms are created based on the assumption that the demands of each store are the same. This one size fits all approach can cause problems at store levels, resulting in improper execution of m...
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Why Planogram Research is Critical for Planogram Success?
Planograms are an integral part of any retail store. In simple words, these are visual merchandising tools that contain detailed drawings of the store layout, that guide retailers in deciding what, where and how products should be placed on shelves. A well-designed planogram can improve sales, minimize overall costs and provide pleasant shopping experiences to customers.
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