How shopping would be expected to look like after COVID-19?
As the COVID-19 crisis goes on spreading and affecting the daily lives and businesses of humanity, it is very clear that post this crisis the retail store businesses and the shopping behavior will also be affected. During this tough time, the retailer should come up with a plan so resilient that their sales do not have to suffer after this pandemic or in any other such crisis that hits the world in the future.
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How Will COVID-19 Impact The Retailers and The Shopping Habits of Consumers? 
The damage to come in the coming months post COVID-19 intends to give the retailers a hard time. It will be a precarious bridge to normalization with anxious consumers, an on-off success in sales, inhibiting efficiency and the health protocols that ought to be applied on your retail grounds. The retailers will have to consider new environments for their stores. Ones that convince the consumers that they are walking on safe grounds as well as serve its purpose in maximizing sales. The strategies ...
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Category Management and Cross-Merchandising to Ensure Customer Loyalty
There are tools and methodologies that can be used in the merchandising of a store. An effective combination of these can be a significant sales booster for the retailers. Exercising Category management along with using planograms as a tool for easy product arrangement is one such effective combination. To enhance this combination even more, cross-merchandising can be incorporated as one of the protocols while planogramming.
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Assortment Planning - A Complete Guide

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Assortment Planning - A Complete Guide
Assortment planning in retail involves selecting the collection of products which will be on offer in particular locations and during a specified season. It considers the financial objectives and seasonality of the product selection in a way so that both you and your customers gain from the outcome. Making the right product picks and bringing in the right quantities of supplies to match market demand are decisions that collectively make an assortment plan.
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Color Blocking – Factors to consider while planograming
We live and shop in a customer experience economy where the very idea of physical store has changed. Customers won’t necessarily buy from you just because you have a great product and a big store. Customer are looking for emotion connections and personalized experience. Colors have the power to set the tone for customer experience, grab customer’s attention and inspire different emotions.
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Top displays in visual merchandising
In this digital era where the attention span of human beings is dwindling, the role of attractive displays to increase your store walk-ins is undeniable. There are different types of displays that visual merchandisers use to communicate with shoppers. 
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   Why use planograms for visual merchandising?
Planograms are the most effective tools that assist you in planning your visual merchandising. Product placement is one of the integral factors of visual merchandising. 
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Why Should You Use Planograms In Retail?
Planning out how you will use your retail space is not always easy. From determining which products go where, how many facings, customer walk flow, prominent displays, you need to plan out every detail.  Planograms are the most effective tool that assists you in planning out the minute details of retail space.
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Planogramming Cross- Merchandising

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Planogramming Cross- Merchandising
Cross-merchandising is a powerful strategy to stay ahead in this competitive retail landscape where shoppers are seeking an experiential shopping environment. It is a merchandising methodology of arranging products from different categories together. The products placed together shouldn’t be any random products but have some logical connection to prompt the shoppers to make the purchase.  
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Sharing Planograms Online Using Nexgen POG
Imagine you are a retain chain with stores across multiple locations and you have created your merchandising strategies using planogram. How do you ensure that all your stores in multiple locations are in sync with company’s merchandising and promotional strategies?  
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