Are you ready for an all new Nexgen POG?

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Are you ready for an all new Nexgen POG?
There is never a time where Nexgen POG team is not working on improving our software. Be it through enhanced features, new updates or fixing bugs, we strive to ensure a seamless planogramming experience for our users. Today, we are excited to announce enhancements to Nexgen POG, helping users improve the efficiency of their space planning efforts t while bridging a gap between customer needs and business goals. This includes a host of new features, to help users to improve their business perform...
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What are the different space planning techniques used by retailers to increase sales?
Retail space planning refers to the idea of designing a retail store layout that influences a customer’s shopping experience. Since a retailer’s prime objective is to drive sales and provide value to customers, they use a combination of aisle navigation and merchandise display techniques to create an ultimate shopping experience.
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How are Different Constituencies of Planogram Benefitting from it?
Planograms are visual merchandising tools. They provide diagrammatic representations of the store layout, showing retailers where specific products should be placed. For instance, when a retailer decides to place their best-selling products at an eye level, or when he places sugary candies or chocolates at bottom level, it may be the result of a planogram strategy. A well-designed and executed planogram is key to retail success. Although planograms were primarily created to assist retailers, it ...
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Reasons for Increasing Popularity of Cloud-based Planograms
In order to overcome the shortcoming of installed planograms, retailers are now turning into online planograms or cloud-based planograms. Compared to installed planograms, a cloud-based planogram requires no installation and can be used from any device. These web-based planograms provide numerous benefits in terms of scalability, availability and feature updates. Read on to know why cloud-based planogram would a perfect planogramming tool for you!
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Overcoming Retail Execution Obstacles With Planograms
The retail industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few decades. Rapid changes in customer demands combined with technological advancements have increased competition in the market. Today, retailers are optimizing every opportunity possible, to create value for customers. Considering the limited amount of store space available, retail space planning is fundamental to the success of any brick-and-mortar store. This realization has prompted many retail to choose planograms for successful ...
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Planogram’s Role in E-commerce Sector
With an increasing trend favoring online sales compared to brick-and-mortar, marketing tactics have also changed vastly. However, planogram remains an ideal choice for both- a physical store or an online website.
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Dynamic Merchandising Practices Require Store Planogram Tools with Flexible Features
The retail world is now moving more and more towards digitization. The concept of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis makes the customers’ every move in the store an evaluating point to come up with new and more influencing product and store display strategy. In the retail industry, CPG firms are expected to offer retailers with new insights to maximize store-shelf efficiencies to deliver the consumers the expected shopping experience. Hence, CPG firms should adopt new tools and practices th...
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How shopping would be expected to look like after COVID-19?
As the COVID-19 crisis goes on spreading and affecting the daily lives and businesses of humanity, it is very clear that post this crisis the retail store businesses and the shopping behavior will also be affected. During this tough time, the retailer should come up with a plan so resilient that their sales do not have to suffer after this pandemic or in any other such crisis that hits the world in the future.
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How Will COVID-19 Impact The Retailers and The Shopping Habits of Consumers? 
The damage to come in the coming months post COVID-19 intends to give the retailers a hard time. It will be a precarious bridge to normalization with anxious consumers, an on-off success in sales, inhibiting efficiency and the health protocols that ought to be applied on your retail grounds. The retailers will have to consider new environments for their stores. Ones that convince the consumers that they are walking on safe grounds as well as serve its purpose in maximizing sales. The strategies ...
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Category Management and Cross-Merchandising to Ensure Customer Loyalty
There are tools and methodologies that can be used in the merchandising of a store. An effective combination of these can be a significant sales booster for the retailers. Exercising Category management along with using planograms as a tool for easy product arrangement is one such effective combination. To enhance this combination even more, cross-merchandising can be incorporated as one of the protocols while planogramming.
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