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How to make a planogram using Nexgen POG?
Creating a planogram using a simple planogram software is quite easy for a planogram creator. Nexgen POG is an easy web-based planogram software with unlimited licensing and affordable pricing. Unlimited licensing helps marketing managers to easily create a zone or store specific planogram. Similarly, simple planogram edits and revisions can be easily done by front end marketing professionals. Nexgen POG makes planogramming easy and available for everyone by providing an unlimited license for a...
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New trends in the Retail sector Leading to Sales Growth
With technology development, innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IOT), large data capture, transfer as well as analysis became handy. Implementation of these technologies into the retail sector will lead to sales growth. By using AI, we can set up smart shelves based on image recognition. And IOT helps to link manufacturing, warehousing, and retail outlets to improve supply chain efficiency.
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Reap benefits by using an Unlimited Licensing for planogramming
In FMCG, food and beverages industry, grabbing deals is by evoking the impulse buying behaviour of the customers. In the current market scenario, it is crucial to rearrange the planograms according to the local trends. The sales volume is directly dependent on the market responsiveness of the industry. Nexgen POG is the best solution for easy, unlimited licensed planogram designing.
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Empowering your team is the best way to ensure planogram compliance. Why?
Planogram is one of the most important category management tools used by retailers.Before implementing a planogram software to ensure compliance it is good to check and confirm the following characteristics.
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Add your standard planogram templates easily on Nexgen POG
Looking for a planogram software that can make your planogramming fast and easier? Nexgen POG is not only the easiest solution, it can do much of the planogramming for you!
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Looking beyond planograms created on excel and retail ppt
In this blog, we are going to talk about the limitations excels and retail ppts have and how a more advanced easy planogram tool can help in filling those gaps.
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How to make planograms easily- a better tool than excel and retail ppt?
Of course, excels and ppts are simple to use and affordable. But how efficient and error free are they? Take a look and experience the benefits of using the simple planogram, Nexgen POG.
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How can planogram software help your field executives?
Manufacturers rely heavily on field executives’ ability to work independently to ensure if their products are properly stocked in the store. Here's one method that help your field executives become more efficient.
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Why should you rethink about using spreadsheets and powerpoints for planogramming? 
Here are the reasons why you have to rethink using spreadsheets and power point for planogramming and ways to improve the efficiency of your planograms.
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5 Benefits of using an easy planogram
Using a planogram in your retail store will lead to more happy customers and more sales. When you are using a planogram, either for the first time or you already have one, but want more people in your organisation use it, then what you need is a simple and easy planogram tool. Here are the benefits that you can have while using an easy planogram.
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