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A considerable increase in air travel resulted in the growth of airport retailing at a fast pace. There is an evident increase in the number of airplane travelers in the world, who prefer purchasing items at the airports to avoid extra baggage charges. 

Airport retailing is considered an accessible and easy choice for travelers – where it offers a wide-ranging variety of merchandise. The time spent by passengers at airports has increased due to the early check-in times set by airlines. This has opened the retailer’s scope of selling products effectively. Another advantage of airport retailing is the increased foot traffic – where every passenger must walk past dozens of stores each time. Retailers can increase foot traffic by making the right product picks and estimating the right amount of stock for each store shelf. Thus, proper assortment planning for airport retailing can be done with the help of planogram software. Planogram is a visual merchandising tool, that helps retailers in proper planning and placement of their retail shelves. Compared to other retail stores, the airport is open for 365 days (about 12 months) a year, therefore airport retail sales will not drop off sharply on weekends and holidays for sure. This has resulted in an increased number of sales in airport retail stores. 

Advantages of Using Planogram in Airport Retailing 

  • As the airport stores can remain open for all days of the week, the retailer needs to plan and execute items on their store shelves effectively to attract customers. That is why a planogram is helpful in placing products according to the dimensions of a shelf space availability in terms of its height, depth, and width. This helps in evenly arranging products on retail shelves, resulting in higher visibility and sales. 
  • Implementing a data-driven planogram allows retailers to increase foot traffic due to its visual appeal. This results in impulse buying, which is not part of their shopping list. Retailers can include products including food, books and magazines, clothing and apparel, gifts, chocolates, souvenirs and other items to trigger impulse purchases. 
  • The exposure that the brand gets in an airport is higher compared to other retail stores because of international travelers. Thus, planograms can dictate the shelf placement of various brands of products in airport retail stores. Also, the brand becomes easily available to travelers and business officials from all over the globe and thus increases its accessibility. 
  • Planogram helps to get information on store-level sales, with its sales report feature. Additionally, it also helps retailers in understanding the movement of products on each store's shelves to determine which products should be placed on which shelf. This helps with faster stock movement in airport retailing. 
  • Placing labels and using bold colors with the help of a planogram shelf signage make customers give a try for such items. Also, travelers who wish to give gifts during their visits can also purchase from the stores. This helps maximize sales and improve store performance. 

Overview of Nexgen POG 

Nexgen POG is a powerful cloud-based visual merchandising tool. It is designed for quick and easy retail store planogramming. With Nexgen POG, planograms can be created for maximizing airport retail sales with the right store layout plan, report analysis, compliance management and shelf signage features. It is a multi-device compatible software that helps retailers to create, share and edit planograms easily. It is designed for proper retail shelf planning and placement of products.   

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