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Generate strategic reports with Nexgen POG
In business, data enables you to make day-to-day decisions and long-term strategic plans. Important data reports used in decision making are sales report, space report, capacity analysis report.
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Why use Excel for Planogramming?

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Why use Excel for Planogramming?
We humans always seek an easy solution for problems. Are easy solutions the most effective ones available? Planogram development is a field which undergoes continues changes and rapid development. Initially, there were times planograms were made using excel files. Still, some companies use Excel to develop and share planograms. Is it worth using excel for this purpose? 
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Looking beyond planograms created on excel and retail ppt
In this blog, we are going to talk about the limitations excels and retail ppts have and how a more advanced easy planogram tool can help in filling those gaps.
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How to make planograms easily- a better tool than excel and retail ppt?
Of course, excels and ppts are simple to use and affordable. But how efficient and error free are they? Take a look and experience the benefits of using the simple planogram, Nexgen POG.
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Why should you rethink about using spreadsheets and powerpoints for planogramming? 
Here are the reasons why you have to rethink using spreadsheets and power point for planogramming and ways to improve the efficiency of your planograms.
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