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Technology and planogram compliance

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Technology and planogram compliance
Planogram compliance always come in handy when you are a retailer and need to keep shelves arranged in a proper manner. Planogram compliance is simply making sure the product’s arrangement in merchandising display is exactly same as in the planogram. Planograms are designed to ensure sales growth by implementing neuromarketing strategies. Any errors in implementing the planogram would result in disruption of the plan and could result in brand switching and low sales volume. This makes ensuring ...
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Importance of planogram compliance in the unorganized market
In an unorganized market, there will be many small retailers. There may be general stores, chemists, footwear shops, apparel shops, etc which are owned by individuals. Creating planograms will help in designing what the customers see in your store. Consider an unorganized retail market of FMCG products where the customer has a large variety of products from individual producers rather than manufacturing companies.On implementation, errors will destroy the purpose of the planogram itself. If com...
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Factors leading to planogram non-compliance- how to avoid pitfalls?
There are many methods that are used to ensure planogram compliance. The easiest being using a simple and cost friendly planogram software along with the one you use for optimal product placement.
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How to achieve planogram compliance at store level?
What if you have a system which helps your sales force quickly access the planogram template online, mark the products on shelves as such in the store and share it among the power users or category management team?
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