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How Will COVID-19 Impact The Retailers and The Shopping Habits of Consumers? 
The damage to come in the coming months post COVID-19 intends to give the retailers a hard time. It will be a precarious bridge to normalization with anxious consumers, an on-off success in sales, inhibiting efficiency and the health protocols that ought to be applied on your retail grounds. The retailers will have to consider new environments for their stores. Ones that convince the consumers that they are walking on safe grounds as well as serve its purpose in maximizing sales. The strategies ...
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Color Blocking – Factors to consider while planograming
We live and shop in a customer experience economy where the very idea of physical store has changed. Customers won’t necessarily buy from you just because you have a great product and a big store. Customer are looking for emotion connections and personalized experience. Colors have the power to set the tone for customer experience, grab customer’s attention and inspire different emotions.
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Top displays in visual merchandising
In this digital era where the attention span of human beings is dwindling, the role of attractive displays to increase your store walk-ins is undeniable. There are different types of displays that visual merchandisers use to communicate with shoppers. 
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Why Should You Use Planograms In Retail?
Planning out how you will use your retail space is not always easy. From determining which products go where, how many facings, customer walk flow, prominent displays, you need to plan out every detail.  Planograms are the most effective tool that assists you in planning out the minute details of retail space.
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Planogram in different industries

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Planogram in different industries
Creation and usage of planograms are necessary to support visual merchandising efforts and thereby improve sales. Planograms are frequently used in the food and beverage industry. Using planograms will benefit pharmaceutical, cosmetics, wine & spirits, and retail industries also. Let us discuss how these industries will be benefited by using planograms.
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Improve sales with Shelf layout and planograms
The arrangement of products on a shelf is a major factor which leads to making customers more interactive and will improve store sales. It is because, when a customer enters a store the points of interaction are shelves. When shelf space successfully influences the customers then the purchase behavior can also be controlled. There are different formats available to display products.
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Issues that may occur in merchandising in a retail outlet
Aim of a retailer is to maximize the goodwill and sales thereby increasing the profit of the retail outlet. Merchandising activities are activities done to achieve these goals. For a retail store, it includes all activities which promote the sales of the products including special offers, display and all techniques designed to influence consumers’ buying decisions. Merchandising is all about presenting products at the right time, at the right place, in the right quantity and at the right price ...
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Planogramming using brand blocks to improve retail merchandising?
There are different ways to enhance visual merchandising by arranging the products in different ways. Different strategies to improve visual merchandising include horizontal merchandising, cross-merchandising, color-block merchandising, brand-block merchandising, etc.
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Know More About Planogram Automation

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Know More About Planogram Automation
Planogram is an essential tool for visual merchandising for a retail store to improve sales. The sales volume is directly dependent on the market responsiveness of the industry. Market responsiveness can be improved by editing existing planogram or creating new planograms in response to market trends. This make a fast response necessary to improve sales.
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Is product knowledge important for planogramming?
One of the basic requirements of effective planogram creation is good knowledge about your products. A better understanding of product attributes will always help the visual merchandiser’s efforts to be fruitful. When you know your products better you will be able to decide what will help to increase sales. 
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